Vaccine Clinical Trials: Trial only in name

Whether prepared in a few months or in ten years vaccine trials have a general thread running across them.

  • First of all it is not possible to design a trial that can prove any vaccine safe
  • Therefore vaccines are never tested against any genuine placebo. Another vaccine or the same vaccine without the antigen are used so that the vaccine can be declared safe vis a vis the placebo
  • The trials continue for the period till major adverse effects start appearing. Then they are stopped
  • If adverse effects show up in the trials they are not included in the report even while raw data may include them
  • There are data management specialists who are masters in the art of managing negative data
  • Vaccine results can be rationalized under the excuse, the vaccine cannot possibly cause that
  • There is a factor called background rate. That is, a death or injury rate is the bench mark and vaccine results are matched against it. Needless to say the goalposts are shifted to accommodate adverse results. The excuse here is people die and are injured naturally. So we need to see if the vaccine causes excess death or injury
  • You can only enroll healthy persons for trials. So vaccines are tried on healthy able bodied persons. But when they are administered after approval they are given to unhealthy and sick people
  • Vaccine trials are usually given to medical  institutions. These institutions depend upon pharmaceutical largesse to survive
  • The contract usually stipulates payment will be made if there is a positive result
  • If any institution goes against the grain it risks stoppage of future assignments. It becomes a pariah shunned by the entire industry
  • Unless any whistleblower or activist exposes a trial, no other agency dares to question trial results
  • In India the government has refused to release clinical trial data on the plea that it would alarm the public
  • The required informed consent is rarely a fair process. Injury to trial subjects is denied. Compensation is rare
  • Only human injury sometimes provokes concern. No one bats an eyelid for the animals that regularly die and suffer horrendous adverse effects in the process of vaccine manufacture and in trials
  • There is a movement which demands full disclosure of trial results. So you can conclude how transparent the process is
  • Vaccine efficacy is rarely a trial concern. Many vaccines available in the market do not go through a disease challenge process. This includes major vaccines
  • Vaccines are supposed to go through a three phase trial. What people do not know is that there is a fourth phase after the vaccine is released. Vaccine adverse effects are supposed to be monitored and action taken. It is termed post marketing surveillance. All who are vaccinated are test subjects in this fourth phase trial that remains mostly on paper. Adverse effects are ignored and nobody reports
  • A vaccine takes time to appear in the market not because of lengthy trials but because of approval, manufacturing, distribution and financing glitches
  • At every stage of the trials there exists a person willing to bend. The processes provide ample scope for manipulation

Next time you cheer a vaccine think about this. The trials are designed to lie and obfuscate results. Vaccines are scandalous pharmaceutical products that are fiercely protected by large well oiled machinery that gains from them.