The Modern Houdini's of Science - Creating Illusions


How to create an illusion.

  • Create an image in the public mind. Make them expect an event
  • Establish a group as an expert on the subject. They can say or do no wrong
  • Have the media in your pocket. Make them disseminate the images, videos, and information you have carefully crafted
  • The public will see nothing of the sort in their surroundings but will feel that a lot is happening elsewhere and the media is doing a great job by conveying the event to them
  • Make people follow rules to save themselves from the nonexistent event. By following the rules as role models they spread panic and also induce others to do the same
  • Publicize the role models and highlight that they are intelligent people and following the science
  • Maintain the pitch by constant flow of information emerging from the mouths of experts who can do or say no wrong
  • Jiggle figures and constantly display alarming statistics. People think science is in action
  • After the objective is achieved slowly allow normalcy to return. Constantly remind the people that they were saved from the non existing crisis by following the rules and taking measures that did the harm and put them on the path for more
  • When the long term harm appears and a very large population is affected repeat the steps above. A new crisis and new measures to save the public
  • Count your blessings, sorry, the money in your bank and the fulfilment of the agenda you desperately wanted

Premeditated solution - engineered crisis - chaos - frightened public - offer the premeditated solution - public accepts and thank you for saving them - game over.

From the attack on pearl harbor to the moon landing, to the attack on twin towers, to the plandemic you witnessed, they were all staged to take forward the NWO agenda.