The Energy Body Within is the Best Technology!


What is being achieved through machines can be achieved better by harnessing the powers within the body and mind. Understanding this is crucial to comprehend the powers of our ancestors.

Machines degrade us. Currently they are all set to dominate. We have neglected the powers inherent in us and taken great pain to strengthen our enemies.

The human being is central to the universe. His frame contains the power that creates, sustains, and destroys creation.

The mind is crucial because it guides. Purifying and strengthening the mind is the first step. When the disciple went to the Guru, the Guru first disciplined him. Without discipline the powers attained become a curse to the individual and society.

We must not think that the current achievements of society are peculiar to this age. They have been a part of all civilizations that have come before us. Some of them were extrovert like ours, and some delved within. Everything moves in cycles. It is the inward looking civilizations that create heaven on earth.

We have charlatans in power. They have deceived us. In our weakness we have embraced them and accepted their claims. They are forces of darkness. What they represent is now reflected in the world around us.

We live in an age where the truth is hated and shunned, and falsehood shines.