Has hell visited your world yet?


The media is full of stories that wrench your heart. Parents abandoned by their children; children in their death throes with parents wailing; family members killing each other; people looted off their life's savings; revenge killings; facing torture from near and dear ones; sickness, poverty, emptiness, loneliness; wondering why you are here in the first place.

It is hell spilleth over. Yes, hell on earth. Hell has come visiting.

It is our choice that we create hell or heaven. Our choice, agreeing to the choice of others, not opposing what goes on around us. The road to hell goes downward and is slippery. The road to hell is created when the first tree is cut down to fulfil our greed.

Life was tough when nature dominated over us. But what of this life when we have sought to dominate and destroy nature? We had our humanity. We had humility. We had the strength to face adversity. We had moments of intense happiness. We had innocence. We enjoyed life as a community. We had time to reflect on life and nature. We could ponder over the goal of life and seek release.

What do we have now? Plenty of money and plenty of worries, anxieties, misery, helplessness, pain, and the eerie feeling that things are not going to end well.

The bubble is all set to burst. All our power and knowledge that helped us destroy nature is helpless when we realize what we have done and seek to reverse our actions. The hammer only knows how to fell. It cannot help a sapling grow up into a tree.

The hammer of humans now faces the hammer of nature, of providence. The structure will now be brought down. The time has come. We should now be prepared for those events that our ancestors have predicted long ago with fear and trepidation in their hearts. There will be no mercy.

There is no way but to bear it all. The storm that is coming is nothing but our actions bearing fruit. Everything that we never dreamed would happen is all set to happen.

The grind you feel is the proverbial wheel of God that grinds exceedingly small. If you can, go down on your knees and pray for forgiveness. If you can, repent with all the sincerity you can master. If you can, remove the screen of arrogance that clouds your vision and realize that your time is up. If you can, go out and help those that are suffering because of your greed and foolishness.

It is not for nothing that you are going through the grind. You have to learn the lessons you have ignored. You have to burn the karma you have earned. You have to shed the gross and emerge clean.

You have to stand naked in front of God.