Come let us learn about social engineering


We are getting accustomed to words like weather modification, geo-engineering and the like. But perhaps the most pernicious among them all is social engineering.

The human civilization is used to cultures, social norms, religion and spiritual values, the family as a unit, and community life. The diversity has existed since ages. People separated geographically had diverse ways of life.

This diversity acted as barriers to the spread of malaise and provided cushions against invasions and negativity. When suffering came it visited portions of life on earth and people not on that wavelength survived the consequences.

Then came the age of conquest. Powerful rulers were not satisfied with what they had and wanted to plunder, loot, and win the world. They succeeded but had to accede their global gains over time as those they invaded resented them and their own soldiers rebelled and wanted to return home.

Human ambitions know no bounds. A rich group of people decided to start where others left off. They had a long term goal and the tools to achieve it. They had money, superior arms, sharp political brains, the intense desire to accumulate more, the lack of conscience, sadistic intentions, a religious base that has a dark past, and they had mastery over the occult.

They had looted their precincts and eyed faraway lands that were rich and prosperous. Russia, India and Africa enchanted them. They also noticed that people were strong in religion and spirituality, and esoteric knowledge was available to civilizations. They feared this as it had the power to counter the depravity they practiced.

They not only had to destroy cultures, but also the religious structure and social cohesion to establish their long term rule. Thus began the social engineering we are witnessing all around us.

The two World Wars were a huge social engineering project. Nothing disturbs the social fabric more than a world war. The next step was the deliberate spread of Communism by the Capitalists. This brought down well entrenched civilizations and settlements. By projecting itself as anti religion Communism provided the perfect tool to bring down existing structures. It also established cruel rulers who delighted in torturing the masses.

Wars and riots destroyed families and uprooted people from their lands. Urban ghettos provided labour for the industrial revolution. The people also lost the security of their traditional livelihoods and became dependent on the system.

The other step was to create schisms within communities such that community cohesion was disrupted leading to more insecurity and more dependence. Changing the demography of a region by allowing non locals into the territory, and allowing mass conversions to spark unrest is also a part of social engineering.

People were now entirely dependent on a global network that delighted in planning their demise. Just like the shepherd who brings up his flock only to slaughter them for meat.

Canines are the best friend of the shepherds. The political system became that friend. It kept the people on a leash in exchange for the power and prosperity that became theirs in return for the betrayal of trust imposed by the public.

The monetary system built upon the US Federal Reserve and its paper money began a wild goose chase. People struggled to earn money that could be printed at will and ironically ensure the slavery of those running after it.

Then came the poisoning phase. The soil was poisoned, the crops were poisoned, food was poisoned, and the industrial revolution poisoned the world. Big pharma capitalized on this and ruled people with its own poisons. The system ensured that people poisoned people for profit.

The intense poisoning resulted in deep seated changes in the human being. All benevolence was lost. The mind and emotions became toxic. The downward mind found it extremely difficult to follow moral and ethical rules and people became rebels, rebelling against natural laws. The rebels were eulogized to spread intense dissatisfaction among the people. They were told that being human in itself is slavery and that they must accede to far reaching changes.

The engineering now involved the core of the human body and mind. Gender bending, the distortion of childhood, diseases and disabilities of various shades, and mental illness flooded the world. Pharma ensured the cause remained hidden and instead turned them into campaigns to bring in even more destruction.

A healthy humanity lies at the core of a healthy civilization. Demons who rule over us fear that health. They seek to have more of demons and are busy converting in hordes. The schisms in society prevent people from realizing the obvious. They blame each other at the atrocities of the engineered human and those responsible delight in watching them fight.

The engineering is now intense. 65% of the world's population is now impregnated with chemicals and devices that make them vulnerable to more engineering. The technological advances they are willingly accepting are but means to control them.

Transhumanism, internet of things, internet of bodies, 15 minute cities, digital IDs and currencies, and the universal basic income is advancing the engineering to unprecedented heights.

The whole of humanity is inches close to utter chaos and destruction. If only we would stop fighting each other and recognize that those funding us do not have our best interest at heart!

The fluoride in the water, the many drugs and injections we are subjected to, the anti nutrient diet, the slave education, and the world of sensual entertainment has combined to make us blind to what goes on around us.

We are exactly where the system wants us to be.