Circumstance may make us feel, "God is cruel"


Is God cruel?

To many it seems so. Life is very difficult. Things don't go according to the way we want. We are pushed into difficult situations. Our bodies suffer agonizingly. More so in this age when everything is distorted and therefore suffering is inevitable.

Even the spiritual personalities of this age like Ramakrishna, Sri Chaitanya etc agree that life is painful in these end times. They therefore prescribed the name of God to overcome.

But taking the name of God when you are in a very difficult situation is not easy. How can you take the name when the named is punishing you?

Once Sri Rama was standing with his bow resting on the ground. After some time he felt uneasy. He looked around and saw nothing. Then he lifted his bow and spied a frog flattened beneath it. He told the frog, why did not you croak? I would have known you were there! The frog replied, Lord whenever I am in trouble I take your name. But now you are the source of my trouble. So I did not know whom I should call!

There are two things in the mundane world that is like a classroom where you come to experience certain situations and learn lessons. They are, the will of God and the work of its inhabitants.

The creation is a part of nature. Nature works unceasingly and silently following a cause and effect rule. However in creation there are human beings who seem to possess free will. They also have a strong ego that makes them feel separate from nature. Consequently they end up not following the laws of nature. This creates disturbance and karma.

Human beings have to experience the result of their karma to expiate and also to learn the lesson. The karma does not fructify immediately. It accumulates and people go through the cycle of birth and death as the burden of karma prevents release and/or the chance of reform.

Then suddenly there comes a life when the accumulated karma is confronted. Rahu and Saturn provide the chance to get it over with. A very painful life results.

Why does the worst of karma prefer Kaliyuga to manifest? In other ages suffering is under control as the laws are followed. Extreme karma cannot fructify in such times as the circumstances for such fructification is difficult to come by. However there is tremendous opportunity in Kaliyuga where the worst of atrocities are committed.

The Mother of Pondicherry had predicted that souls will come and get over with their accumulated karma so that they get a new lease of life. She had predicted the rising incidence of conditions like spasticity and autism through which life would negotiate its path.

We complain that God is cruel. He is not cruel. We do not know our past. It is our own mistakes that bring terrible situations upon us. God is merciful and through such situations allows us to recover and move again. As I have said, people fear the phases of Rahu and Saturn. But these planets are not malicious. They only provide impartial justice.

You may say, it is easy to preach. I do not say this to preach. I have myself passed through great suffering and that suffering is yet to end. I too accept that it is my own past karma that has brought this upon me. It has also provided me the opportunity to closely examine many things we pass by. It has provided me the opportunity to learn and disseminate the learning. It has given me the opportunity to serve others.

Let us not blame God. His task is herculean. As Chakradhar said to us, I will be blamed for what is coming. People will judge me as per worldly knowledge. But I know what to do and how to work. I will achieve my results in a very short period. I do tasks that seem impossible to do. I work in a manner that is impossible for others to do. No one can compete with me. No one can understand the path I take and why.

He knows best.