What is coming is the "NWO Rashtra"


India faces a situation where the Christians are dreaming of Christian Rashtra, the Muslims, Muslim Rashtra, and the Hindus, Hindu Rashtra. The entire political system of the country revolves around these fundamental aspirations. But where are we headed? We are headed towards the New World Order Rashtra.

The NWO Rashtra or the NWO kingdom is being overtly planned since the last 300 years by the most powerful forces on earth. Towards this end, countries like the USA and Israel have come into existence, the UK redesigned, the Vatican fully empowered, and institutions like WEF, WHO, UN, World Bank, IMF, Pentagon, and the US Federal Reserve constituted.

The NWO Rashtra is already in power. India formally stepped into it with the Transfer of Power Agreement, the acceptance of the fact that the East India Company would continue to rule through its trusted representatives.

The agreement resulted in our bowing down to the system in place and obeying all the strategies that have sharply divided our country, placing it at the brink of another separation that is being engineered by the very same party that sacrificed us in the first place.

Our Independence was a chimera, it never happened. The people who made this happen were projected as heroes who ushered in democracy! They are the villains who are the enemies of the country; those who have backstabbed its population many times over.

The key words that led to our demise are democracy, free will, secularism, minority, welfare state, economic growth, empowerment, green revolution, health care, industrial revolution, technological advancement, competition, career, and now, transhumsnism and the fourth industrial revolution. Each of these terms are loaded and intensely subversive. They are the social engineering tools preparing the world for the ultimate NWO takeover; the NWO Rashtra.

What will the NWO Rashtra be? It is clearly laid out by the UN proposed Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the WHO Pandemic Treaty, and the WEF wheel of the new order. Everything that you see around you, and every move of political parties worldwide, the strategy of NGOs that are captive workforce led by philanthropic donations, is leading to the fulfillment of the NWO Rashtra.

What do they want?

  • One world rule by a person over 10 international zones that the world will be divided into
  • One world laws and regulations to 'deliver us from disease and climate change'
  • One world religion to deceive and allow the devil to take over. The devil will be very suave, knowledgeable, and the darling of those fools who will fall for the gimmick
  • Drastic population reduction through disease, communal conflicts, wars, and unnatural disasters. The goal is to reduce the population by 90%

What are the visible aspects of such a takeover?

  • Social and Carbon Credit System
  • Drones, facial recognition, and movement sensors
  • Digital Health Passport
  • Rationing of food and energy
  • Patent on seeds and restricted access to heirloom food
  • Abolishment of genders
  • Strict regulations on medicine and treatments
  • Universal basic income
  • Controlled fertility/reproduction, artificial womb
  • Elimination of cash; Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Rationing of energy and other natural resources
  • Complete codification and takeover of all natural resources by the corporate world
  • Abolishment of private property. You will own nothing and be happy!
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution (Big Tech, loT, Al, digital currencies)

Should we let this be the reality?