The world is powered by Truth, Simplicity & Love


Truth Simplicity Love

These words have lost all value today. They seem foolish in this contemporary world: A world of cut throat competition and intense hankering after money, pleasure and power.

But these words are what the matrix of the world is made of! They are the concrete mix that holds the world together.

If you peep into Indian scriptures these words describe Dharma the best. From truth, simplicity, and love spring all qualities that make life worth living. When these words are the unwritten law and people follow them like the flow of water and air, heaven is experienced on earth. These words and the qualities that spring from it are the world's greatest wealth incomparable to any other.

What happens when people abandon these virtues? The natural flow of the world gets affected. People develop negative qualities, life becomes complex, and suffering and misery follows.

Gradually true intelligence and wisdom is no longer appealing. People start appreciating falsehood as it offers an easy way out. Whereas simplicity required just word of mouth, laws come into place. Love gone people become self oriented and community life and its comforts are lost.

With wisdom gone many things are accepted which society would never have accepted earlier. The natural order of things is lost. The world provides for all its inhabitants. As human beings abandon the straight path, they have to now toil for everything.

Man is cast out from the comforts of heaven and life becomes a burden to be carried.

With every age, complexities increase. India had for aeons preserved its wisdom base to guide people in difficult times. Good souls could get direction and keep out of the sordid developments.

But as human beings became complex, the rules of society, earlier followed without any effort, became a burden. With time they are hated, because for the converted human it becomes exceedingly difficult to follow them. What cannot be followed is always wished away, whatever the consequences. This is what cognitive dissonance is about.

Truth, simplicity, and love. Such easy terms. But look into yourself today and you will find them missing. Worse these words seem repugnant and imbecile!

Then the stage comes when the matrix has to crumble as its components get degraded. The underlying current can no longer flow, obstructed by the beings full of ego and negative qualities. Human structures that do not respect that current too are a burden on earth.

When the earth decides to reboot it seeks the other words. Falsehood, complexity, and hatred. They become fashionable and become the weapons that take down humanity as well as the structures built by the misdirected civilization.

Humans become sick, and structures start to rot. Clarity of thought is lost. Poison grips the mind and actions become the cause for sorrow. It then becomes a matter of time that everything collapses under the weight of the mass negativity generated.

There is great power in words and feelings that guide our actions.

The current batch of humanity takes great pride in those very qualities that set fire to the world. Intelligence today is about breaking everything; every norm, every natural rule that holds the matrix together.

The power that holds the world and keeps it running is very forgiving and tolerates a lot of pain and torture. But when the limits are exceeded it becomes a cruel destructive force.

That very destructive force is what now stands before us. It is no use complaining why things are so. With our thoughts and actions we have dug our own graves. Destiny beckons. The whirlpool of events will now suck everything into its folds, destroying the present to build the next age.

Whether we have the karma to be eligible for that age is the only thing we can contemplate upon, as all our options are over.

The black night of time (kalratri) has to be crossed. It will ask very uncomfortable questions and its tests will not be easy to pass.