The game behind "lifestyle disease"


As the so called infectious diseases were conquered using vaccines and antibiotics, the world witnessed an explosion of serious chronic diseases.

Pharma was ready to control the narrative. It named these diseases "lifestyle diseases". However its treatment plan continued to be drug oriented. It never recommended or implemented any lifestyle change plan.

This ought to have been a big eye opener. But people burdened with disease were looking for relief. They embraced the disease management plan.

I am not discounting that there can be no lifestyle diseases. But lifestyle diseases are rectified by rectifying lifestyle. The current diseases can only be marginally amenable to lifestyle changes. The diseases cannot also be created by a negative lifestyle. The body will prevent them from happening.

Today's diseases require a serious detoxification program. Only after the toxins are thrown out can the other measures show some effect.

The body can throw out waste and toxins if the vitality is improved through nutrition, exercise, and a restrained disciplined life. However the current toxins that are enmeshed in cells call for detoxification measures as well.

Even after all steps are taken issues remain. This is due to the nature of extreme toxins that the body has never encountered earlier. Repairing the damage is often beyond the capacity of the body.

Vaccines are the biggest culprit. To ensure that its contents never leave the body, they are accompanied with gels as binding agents that make them stick to the cells.

The heavy metals have the ability to enter the cellular structure and the cells bear them as they are not able to throw them out. Aluminum is known to make the cells give up their DNA. What a wonderful way to compromise the cells and damage the body!

The current Covid vaccines come with aluminum in gel form. Coupled with lipids and nanoparticles the ingredients are permeating every part of the body. You cannot detoxify this mixture.

So everything is now lifestyle disease. The nomenclature remains the same whether you die violating lifestyle or trying to ensure it.

We live in a comic world.