The coming age will be drastically different


The New Spirituality.

The Malika calls the coming age the Maha Satya Yuga. It is supposed to be a world without suffering. The astonishing thing is a prediction that there will no longer be births but people will "appear"; Abirbhab.

This is akin to the Supramental Descent predicted by Aurobindo and perfected through his life. Even Anandamoorty has hinted at womb less birth. How does this benefit? The Mother of Pondicherry had talked about people being 100% spiritual. The body will be different for those who "appear".

The Malika also talks of devotees who survive getting a new body. They will be asked to take a dip in a holy pond to get that body, free from old age, blemishes and disease. They will also get higher knowledge. This will be after the great destruction when Kalki, as king, reconstructs society.

Will that body experience hunger pains? I do not find this question directly answered. The Mother does talk about all impediments to spirituality being removed. But people will live long.

Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had told us about new advanced technology that will provide all convenience without draining resources or causing pollution. It will be breathtaking and fantastic, and driven by mental instructions. Don't confuse this with the false shadow of transhumanism.

Equality? Yes there will be equality. The Malika too talks of equality. Temples? There will be just two Temples; one yellow and another white. The White Temple is already taking shape.

There will be other astonishing changes too. Animals and even hills and mountains will talk to people. Not surprising if you consider that the underlying reality is the same everywhere. There will be innocence all around. People will have a very high level of consciousness. It will be altogether new as predicted by Aurobindo and Anandamoorty.

Religion? In India religion has a different connotation. It is about honoring nature and striving towards the highest. In that sense the exercise would be a direct connection to the divine. Brahma Vidya will be practiced.

Chakradhar has told me specifically that by 2035 highly evolved souls will be born who will download the original teachings from the Akashic Records. So there will be plenty to keep the people intellectually and spiritually occupied. (An astrologer friend comments that the configuration Saturn in Cancer from 2034 to 36 indicates a paradigm shift)

Is such a civilization something entirely new? I guess not. We have glimpses of all of this in our scriptures and the texts of Ramayana and Mahabharata. But it will be different and much better than that.

Anandamoorty has a warning. After experiencing intense heat, the world will go into a cooling phase and an ice age will prevail for 200 years as the earth repairs itself. Will humanity (evolved spirit bodies?) survive? Anandamoorty talks of the residents of earth being teleported to another dimension to survive that phase.

Very interesting and enchanting, is it not? Many will look forward to all of this. But the Gyani will know it too is an illusion, a pleasant dream. The reality is the singular presence.

For the rest, it will offer a very good platform to progress.

The secular aspect? Anandamoorty's concept of PROUT will in all probability be established.

This is on the physical plane. The genuine Gurus like Chaitanya and Ramakrishna have planes of existence where sincere devotees of the sects will be accommodated.

One thing is very sure. The devotees have suffered a lot in the age and realm of Kali. They will be more than rewarded. The Divine will wipe away all their pain.

So stay on the path. Be patient. Bite your teeth and try to bear the atrocities that are ahead. There will be a tremendous attack on the dharmic people. However a new spiritual realm is opening up for those who still have the fire burning within them.

Keep the flame burning and stay awake.