If the world is a dream when will it end?

If the world is a dream when will it end?

The dream ends, but every day we wake up to the world that appears so very real. Even as we get tired of it and suffering throbs through our veins, it relentlessly presents itself before us as if nothing exists besides it.

How do we end this dream?

How do ordinary dreams end? Often nightmares wake us. There are times when we can know that we are dreaming and the dream ends because it is exposed as false.

These hold the key in the extended dream called life as well. Suffering makes us conscious that the world is not a place we should be in. Extreme suffering makes us realize the temporary nature of the world and many are numbed into Zombie like states where they just try to get over the life span allotted.

You can do it consciously and willingly too. Monks constantly remind themselves that the world is false. They keep on repeating, sab maya hai, sab maya hai...everything is an illusion, everything is an illusion...

Slowly the attraction for the world starts fading. When this nature strengthens, the fear is reduced. You relax as you realize that it is all a pre determined drama, you are an actor doing your part.

The dream starts with everything in place. The world does too. It does not appear as if evolving. You just drop in and everything is in its place. With death it disappears just as the dream vanishes in sleep or as you wake up.

Do not for a moment doubt that this world is a dream. It is.

How else do you approach this dream? Do not get involved in its events. Watch everything as a witness. Do not be repulsed or attracted to whatever happens or whatever situation you are in. It is your feelings and reaction that strengthens the matrix. By letting go you emerge from it.

You exist as the witness, the world is the dream you are witnessing, and there is the act of witnessing. All three are the same. In separating them is how the matrix is created and the dream world manifests.

The worshipped, the worshipper, and the act of worshipping are one!

Yesterday there was news that there are no empty spaces. There is some kind of an invisible presence everywhere. That presence has the potential of being an witness. That presence is what Indians know as Brahman. It is everywhere as the essence just as saltiness exists in the waters of the ocean as the essence.

Imagine a great whirlwind picking up objects into its folds. The wind becomes visible and the objects in it make up a concrete existence. But it suddenly subsides and vanishes.

The world is like that. The concepts of time, space, and distance make it seem real. On closer application the constant change and deterioration is noticed that alarms. The Buddha was spurred into the search for the Self as he noticed disease, old age, and death. This profoundly disturbed him. His quest led to the realization that there is just emptiness. Shyunata.

The dream will end when the nightmare of suffering prompts you to search for the reality. That search involves contemplation and an inward look. That search is the eye turned backward. The object of vision becomes "I AM". That I AM is the presence that is to be contemplated without ceasing.

The ego is experiencing the dream world conjured by the mind. The question WHO AM I leads to the destruction of the ego as there is no separate ego.

The dream will end when you realize that you do not have any separate existence. You are the PRESENCE that is the essence. You needlessly suffer by identifying yourself as the ego, body, and mind.

There is a magician and you are enchanted by the magic. Once you come to know how the trick works, the magic immediately loses its charm.

Don't wallow in suffering. Don't justify your existence. Don't try to prove whether you are right or wrong.

Just BE.