How the injections corrupt people and collapse societies.


How the magic shots affect the mind and societies crumble.

In India the general population, as described by the accounts of traveler’s, and also the early British authors, were very simple people. Similar accounts are available for many societies across the globe. But then things changed. Simplicity and natural feelings became things of the past. Today even the children are complicated. What is the major cause?

Ordinarily the populations that live under strict moral codes tend to be simple. When that code is broken or abandoned, the mind is disturbed and problems start. Complexities increase and aggravated actions seeking sanctioned pleasures lead to more problems.

Societies originally begin with few needs and are satisfied with biological solutions. But gradually development takes place and the use of metals become widespread. These metals affect the minds of those who deal with their manufacture and use. We know about mad hatters and how the use of metal pipes led to the fall of empires.

Small pox was the disease that sealed our fate. All epidemics come to cleanse. Small pox too is a cleansing effort. In India the cleansing impact of disease is known and this seasonal eruptive disease was tackled with isolation, change of diet, neem, turmeric, and sandalwood paste. Post disappearance of the pustules the patient was nursed back to health with an appropriate diet. This was the best approach.

But then we had the British who had absolutely no understanding of disease. They feared it. When Jenner came out with his abomination they adopted it pronto. Jenner himself repented as post vaccination his child died of tuberculosis and his wife developed serious neurological complaints and mental imbalance and lived a painful life. He became the first anti vaxxer as he absolutely refused to inject his second child.

But thanks to the support of the quacks who ruled, the grant of King George, and subsequent backing of Rockefeller, the practice flourished. Any medical system will seek disease if its mind is set upon profits and power. Insanity and schizophrenia was a very common adverse effect of the shot. Other mental states were depression and complete imbecility that spread. The first cases of autism came to the fore and were recorded.

What happened? The shot was prepared using pustules from pox affected dead bodies, and serum of cows, horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, hens, and practically anything available. No sane person approved of this and protest was rampant. But the forces backing the shots were, and still are, very powerful. The shots hugely increased the incidence of pox, increased mortality, and introduced the dreaded syphilitic pox.

This process led to bovine syphilis spreading into the human population. Syphilis is the most destructive disease known and is only suppressed, not healed, by the subsequent use of mercury and antibiotics. In the process it becomes even more destructive. It is also hereditary. Syphilis is characterized by deep seated mental alterations and disorders.

While only bovine syphilis is discussed, there has never been any discussion regarding the other venereal disease states of the animals used that affected the unfortunate subjects. Through subsequent research we know about the bovine leukemia virus and the Simian (monkey) Virus 40 that spread various types of cancers in the human population. If animals and birds can be accused of spreading deadly viruses in isolated cases, we should be very cautious about using animal and bird cells and serum in vaccines that have extensive widespread use.

The pox shots led to the spread of 62 recorded diseases in society and increased the incidence of many. Of these, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, led to the introduction of more shots. These shots, besides serum, also contained heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, and others. There were also hormone disruptive chemicals, and microbiome destructing antibiotics. They led to mental aberrations that became common place.

In spite of the adverse effects coming to the fore, and increased protests, the shots increased in number and continued, building on the number of adverse effects the previous ones produced, and it became fashionable to classify oneself based on the mental disease one had. The various aberrations the shots produced led to movements’ eulogizing them as "unique individuals" requiring "special care" as pharma worked overtime to hide its crime and benefit from the situation.

As researchers have pointed out, the human bodies have mitochondria (energy producers) and energy meridians, the health of which is vital. The shot ingredients play havoc with this structure that have serious emotional and mental impacts. The shots also contain agents that break the blood brain barrier, and the placenta barrier. So we have toxic brains and toxic children. They gut is seriously impacted, reflecting as the very common irritable bowel. The gut and the vagus nerve associated with is known as the primeval brain. Gut damage and changes to gut microbes are known to cause serious mental and emotional disorders.

As people become complex, societies become complex. All the negative qualities come to the fore. The powerful acquire the ability to implement their sadistic intentions. The women folk become objects of pleasure. Children and elderly are neglected. The education system no longer seeks to improve the human nature. Power games become the norm; money the most sought after asset; nature becomes the enemy to be vanquished. The resultant stress and strain adds to the load of those already mentally affected. A sadistic and exploitative society is the result.

It is no wonder that psychiatry became popular and the sale of psychiatric medicines skyrocketed.

Going deeper the role of the pineal gland has been discussed. This gland is considered very important for the connection between the internal energy structure with the external. It is also responsible for the production of melatonin. The damage to this gland leads to disturbances in sleep cycle and a cut off from nature and natural feelings. It is no wonder that people have lost all sense and sensibility and acquired sadistic properties.

The recent products post Covid forced on 65% of the world's population are changing DNA. It is expected that people will turn into mindless zombies. The CDC has already carried out a Zombie Apocalypse exercises much before the launching of the products. 

Pharma knows that pushing such products requires a strategy. The first strategy is changing the nomenclature of disease and cooking statistics to reinforce the illusion that shots are eliminating disease. The second is, keeping the doctors in the dark by having almost nothing about them in medical textbooks. The third is the system of targets, commissions, and incentives that keep people happy and they don't ask questions. The fourth is attacking the victims and slandering them as conspiracy theorists. The fifth is promoting misinformation through the media and calling it the absolute truth.

It is not that doctors and scientists have not exposed and opposed. But their research and appeals have always fallen on deaf ears. When they persist their licenses have been taken away, and many have died under mysterious circumstances. In India top doctors have faced physical assault.

All of this reflects very poorly on the profession whose duty is to ensure health and protect the population. Currently the members are reeling under adverse effects of the shots they were forced to take. Will this experience change attitudes?

Well so far there is no indication.


To help you understand better;

Vaccine Ingredients & Vaccine Contaminants.

What are they injecting you with? Do you have any idea?

 Vaccine ingredients;

While the official narrative is that few antigen are injected to create antibodies, the truth is there are hundreds of other ingredients in vaccines that public are blissfully unaware of.

They can be categorized as;

  • Adjuvants ( aluminum nanoparticles, squalene)
  • Disinfectants (mercury, bleach)
  • Antibiotics
  • Agents to invade the blood brain barrier
  • Agents to invade the placenta barrier
  • Human and bovine aborted fetal cells
  • Dog and chick cells
  • Insect cells
  • To host the above we have human, avian, and animal serum
  • Excipients
  • Foaming agents and detergents
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Known sperm killers
  • Other reproductive toxins

Many others that do not fall in the above category

Detailed discussion here; Be prepared to be shocked. The CDC provided list is discussed.

It is a mystery how the body seeks out the antigen from these plethora of ingredients and makes antibodies to it!

Also what happens to the antibodies the body prepares reacting to the other biological matter? What does this process do?

Vaccine Contaminants;

Contaminants are what we find besides the declared ingredients that are official. Without the ingredients you cannot have vaccines,  contamination is extra.

Finding contamination in vaccines is an ongoing process. More and more are found on investigation and routinely denied.

Contamination occurs as animal, human and avian serum and cells are used in vaccines and it is not possible to sterilize them, various substances that are used during vaccine manufacturing process remain in the final product, the use of plastic and latex in packing and processing seeps in, use of glass vials result in glass sheds, use of steel utensils result in steel shreds, and a wide range of other metals (including uranium) whose origin remain a mystery.

There are also ingredients that are not declared but serve a purpose, for example hcg hormone in tetanus vaccine used to sterilize women in Africa and Asia.

Vaccination is clearly not about protecting from any disease. That is an excuse. It serves an agenda. That agenda is about manipulating and destroying humanity.

Vaccines are about "protecting from around 15 diseases". Nobody is bothered about the 404 serious diseases so far  officially connected to vaccines through 1343 published studies in the NIH database.

Vaccine package inserts themselves talk of 217 diseases. The IoM has confirmed 150 of them are valid concerns while reserving its judgment on the rest. This is despite the fact that vaccines are protected turf. Officially you cannot go against vaccines and survive.

No system within the medical industry is as corrupt and riddled with conflict of interest as vaccines, virology and immunology.

These are a few references about contaminants in vaccines. There are many others.

Simian cytomegalovirus and contamination of oral poliovirus vaccines

DNA contamination of HPV & Rota vaccines

The "vaccinegate" of Italy. Banjot Kaur. Down to Earth.

Vaccinegate-2: What did we find in the MMRV (Priorix Tetra) vaccine?

Vaccine contamination is a huge global problem.


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