Can there be a perfect society?


The Perfect Society?

Everybody promises a perfect society. People dream of it. But such a society remains a dream.

Society evolves out of a series of coordinated actions. Whether it is perfect or imperfect depends upon a lot of intelligent choices. But the level of perfection will always fall short of expectations. There will always be pain and suffering, as also imperfections. No amount of human effort can eradicate that.

Thinkers and philosophers therefore look beyond the surface and come to the conclusion that there is an invisible realm that decides our fate on earth. There is also the result of past actions that decide the present state.

Therefore there has been effort to organize society in a manner that leads to the best outcome. However there are bound to be inequalities and it is these inequalities that lead to accumulated frustrations that ultimately break the society apart.

Then begins another cycle. This cycle, though it begins well, cannot escape the unwritten law and degenerates again. Cycle upon cycle moves with the same pattern.

The world is a result of karma. At no point will society as a whole acknowledge it, as the consciousness will always rebel, and those doing well will never like to abandon their temporary gains.

To emerge from the cycle of inevitability is an individual choice. After many painful lives the substratum soul decides that enough is enough and takes up the path that leads to liberation.

It is at that time that the value of karma is revealed. The person becomes careful and evaluates every step by gaining knowledge and developing discrimination. He rues his past actions that have led to the present situation.

The perfect society is not possible in the material plane which is a battlefield. Currently it is destined to crumble as the next cycle readies itself.