Whither modern education?


Children are taught so many things. Many of those things will never be of any use. Many will create wrong impressions so that the corporate artificial world will appear normal. The craze to destroy nature will seem logical. Detaching from the reality the result.

The attempt to poison the body will seem necessary and beneficial. Good health will appear abnormal. Everything will be measured in terms of money.

The family will become out of fashion, parents the enemy. Jumping off the cliff will become the norm. The abnormal will be embraced, normalcy the subject of hatred. Love will be all about physical attraction, children a burden.

The impacts of this education will be realized in old age when loneliness grips and there is no one to turn to. At that time the educated person will reflect on what has been rejected.

True education is about embracing life and its secrets, living with and benefitting from natures bounty, expanding the mind by observing the universe, seeking the knowledge that empowers at all levels, and provides sane independent livelihoods, knowing how to interact with the community, seeking pleasure in participating in community rituals, seeking the reality behind impermanence, having the power to deal with adversities, growing up in a family that is united, establishing a family that knows how to stay together, knowing when to detach and seek the truth.