The power of egoistic existence



People want reincarnation, they want portals to other realms, higher frequency vibrations, visions, higher worlds, heavens, places with a heightened sense of pleasures. They want their friends and family members, even pets, to accompany them.

They don't want their individuality to disappear. They desperately want the dream to continue so they can fulfill all their worldly desires in life after life. Such is the binding power of the illusion. Such is the strength of the ego!

When Vishnu had reincarnated as the Baraha Avatar, the Boar, he desired to stay on as a boar. The Gods were aghast seeing him resting in the slime with his boar wife and boar children, content with that life. They approached Shiva and he put a end to the Baraha dream with his trident so that Vishnu would find release.

If you are disgusted with life, if you are in pain, if you want release from the bondage of life and death, consider yourself extremely lucky. You have what Gods desire and pray earnestly for.

There are three things which are priceless and very difficult to obtain; the human life, the desire for liberation, and the protected care of a perfected sage.

The enchanting trap of the world and the desire for continuing as an individual leads to endless pain. But like the camel that eats thorny shrubs that lacerates its tongue, people cling to the illusory ego hoping for the temporary enjoyments in the midst of horrific experiences. Everybody feels that the holy grail of immortality of the physical frame and unlimited pleasure will one day be his.

That immortality and bliss can only come after the ego is demolished and the physical frame is lost forever.