Silver lining in dark times

(Image taken from internet)

The worst of black clouds have a silver lining. What is that silver lining for this age? I can discern two. There is abundance of knowledge for those who wish to discover. And then, as the Mother of Pondicherry declared, this age is where the level of consciousness gets a boost for the next step - the Suprahuman.

The words of the Mother, "If only the world would consent to be spiritualized!" always rings in my ears. Materialism and the abandoning of the spiritual quest has been the bane of this world. This will also be the source of pain as the world crumbles and the people immersed in the world feel that everything that they cherish has gone.

The world has witnessed many a catastrophe. None has stopped the human race from picking up and starting again. The people were stoic. They were physically and mentally strong. They were accustomed to two worlds - inner and outer. What happens now with the people who have no idea of the inner existence? This time things will be tough.

You must never put all your eggs in one basket. By depending only on the material world and neglecting our contact with the spiritual world we have opened the floodgates of pain. The misguided world we live in has also weakened us and sapped our strength.

The people have been herded into this state by offering the carrot of pleasure and the stick of one-upmanship. People have competed with each other to hurtle towards doom.

But all is not lost yet. Slowly disentangle from the world around you and devote some time for contemplation. The world has entered your innards like the water that enters the boat and threatens to drown it. You have to exorcise the demon of the world from within you. Stop thinking about the world. Stop thinking the world will collapse unless you participate. It can do without you.

You are not this world. It is a mirage dancing before you trying to capture all of your attention. Know it to be the illusion that it is and realize that you are the indestructible base. You are the energy in which the mirage is reflected. When the mirage vanishes you exist in all your splendor.

Contemplate on all of this. Stop thinking of yourself as an individual. Mentally withdraw and create that space within you that will soften the shock that is coming.