Hindus have to prepare for what is coming


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Hindu religion has evolved out of a thinking process unlike other religions that emerged from single persons. This religion is therefore not taught from a pulpit or forced upon anyone. It simply flows like a river.

Hinduism has several layers. As Sri Ramakrishna says, the mother prepares several dishes as she knows the taste of each child. Therefore we have a multitude of paths. But the current that flows is distinct and unites all.

If one takes care to study Hinduism one finds that it caters to a very large range of needs and yet takes the population towards the same goal; merging with the infinite Satchidananda.

The world is a product of the mind. Therefore mental discipline is of the utmost importance. The physical body must be maintained in a biological environment. Nature must be nurtured. All the flora and fauna are precious. These are the focus of what we call Hindu religion.

In Hindu thought we find that all that is required to achieve that goal is present. There is concern about the individual, the collective, society, environment, and also nature and its components. All are interlinked. Therefore all must be taken care of.

Hinduism has guided the people through the complexities of life and society. Society was simple at first, became complex in phases, and has today reached a destructive phase. Yet the underlying thought process is still alive and guiding those that are awake.

The society we witness today is because Hindus have been uprooted from their roots. Each region has a thought pattern and a way of life that suits the  need of people according to their nature. Giving it up and embracing something new and untested always leads to chaos and pain. We have committed that mistake. Globally all societies are suffering.

When people lose their roots they become directionless. Leaders cannot emerge from such people. Charlatans then take over.

Hinduism is very close to the forces of nature that operate the visible world. Therefore it is a living force and has a life of its own. It can absorb shocks and emerge from impossible situations.

From our scriptures we know of cycles that we call Yugas. The present age of Kaliyuga is very well described. It started with King Parikshit granting Kali certain places in his kingdom. That place consists of negative emotions of the mind, the prostitutes den, the gambling houses, liquour bars, and within gold or wealth. Kali is allowed to expand in the Kali Yuga and we witness the flourishing of the above all around us.

People are full of negative emotions, their minds are no longer working. Prostitution has become widespread involving both male and female. The stock market and financial institutions are huge gambling houses. Taking liquor is considered normal, bars are everywhere and within homes, and gold or money has become the goal of life. Kali is now extremely strong and ruling.

Thus we know from beforehand the source of our present woes. Had Hinduism been practiced these disturbing forces would not have overwhelmed us as they do now. But it is not possible to stop it altogether as Kaal or destiny cannot be stopped by anyone. It is written into the fabric of the visible world.

Currently we are living in sandhi time or the short time between two yugas. This is destruction time. The old house will be taken down to build the new. Currently though it seems that people are in charge, the Chakra or the powerful cyclical weapon of Vishnu is spinning the end times roulette.

What will be taken down? All the places where Kali dwells. That includes internal as well as external. Very few will survive. All the structures of the present civilization based on falsehood will be mercilessly raged to the ground. We have to observe that global destruction. Nobody can stop what is coming.

There is a silver lining. We will see many heroes who come out of the fabric of time to fight the wars and also guide those who have tried to align with Dharma.

This is not the time to become frustrated but the time to find out ones path. This is the time to align with Dharma. This is the time to prepare for the destruction and death  as the geography of the world will change and only 25% of the present population will survive.

Only the poor and insignificant will walk over to the next age. The rest will perish. The current mentality will not be allowed to taint the coming age.

Today we see a lot of egoistic people. The scale of the destruction will make them tuck their tails within their legs and gape as the events unfold. Many will simply die out of fright.

This is the time to be humble. This is the time to rectify oneself. This is the time to pray. This is the time to fight the reign of Kali. This is the time to help those who will be affected by the emerging events.

How long do we have left? At best till 2030- 32. The destruction will debut from end of 2024 when Saturn enters Pisces. It will occur in phases. The last extremely destructive phase will start in 2027 or 2029 as nature will reshape the world. The world will stabilize somewhat in 2035 (at that time there will be a different timescale) but the time will be very harsh till 2065 when organized society will again emerge. The post destruction phase will not be easy.

Human beings are like the bubbles in the waves of the ocean. The ocean loves to watch the bubbles play and allows them to be. The ocean is extremely powerful. The bubbles are a fragile momentary phenomenon yet they think they are powerful and immortal. Such is our condition today.

Let us keep our egos aside and prepare for what is coming.


Some discussions based on above- different threads;

  1. Religion is not a scam. You are speaking from the viewpoint of materialism and modern satanism. These have ruled for the past 300 to 350 years in our part of the world. The world they have created is now falling apart and they are blaming it on religion which is the height of absurdity. You are talking of humanity even as you know how medical "science" and materislism has corrupted human beings to the core. You are talking of a natural way of life. Who destroyed that natural way of life?
  2. To know about Hinduism start with the six systems of Hindu philosophy. Then study the Gita and Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta, the works of Sankaracharya, the teachings of contemporary saints like Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi.
  3. Hinduism is not about having an altar full of pictures of Gods. You should have studied what Hindu religion is about. Instead you went and fell headlong into another ditch. Now you want to build your own system of religion. Go ahead. Wish you all the best. Just remember one thing; Dharma is about the rules that bind. Everything in this world comes under its ambit. The air blows, the water flows, the fire burns, the earth holds together based on principles of Dharma. It has visible and invisible aspects. The materialists deny the invisible aspect. They deny the existence of consciousness except what they say is the product of the brain. Therefore whatever they do ends with the fall of physical structures they build without anything remaining to take forward. Materialism also embraces all the negative qualities in man because materislism is intensely selfish in intent and leads to wholesale corruption of humanity. As Vivekananda said, Do good but also understand in full why you should do good. What is that understanding about? It is the realization that all is one. We should do good because all are our own. The same consciousness is in all. Appearances are deceptive. The person who has understood this will never be a materialist. He will be spiritual.
  4. The tired old arguments from the atheists as expected. Dharma isn’t “religion”, although in its most commonly practiced form it may appear to be so. “Dharayati iti dharma” - that which upholds, sustains, supports this world is Dharma. Every living creature has its own unique dharma. The elements have their own dharma - it is the dharma of fire to give heat and light. And so also Humans have their own Dharma. This was codified as otherwise Humans become confused as intelligence tends towards degradation with Time.
  5. The “Humanism” that atheists tout is the very basic level of Dharma which any reasonable Human being by default should follow. However there is much more that the human consciousness is capable of, to sustain dharma at a universal level beyond just the body and it’s functioning. It is for this sustenance and development that worship of deities was refined in Sanatana Dharma. These Beings are of more refined consciousness that can have a symbiotic relationship with Human beings beyond conception of human senses.
  6. There are countless approaches that can be employed to utilize the unique human Self-aware consciousness in pursuit of realization of the “big questions” of Life. Some are more suited to inquiring into the Self without the support of Divine energies, others prefer to invoke those energies into their lives. Nobody is forced into a single system unlike the Abrahamic religions and their fear-based ideologies.
  7.  Hinduism is not about faith at all. You are confusing Hinduism with faith based systems. Hinduism is a system of logical questioning. Study the logic behind the systems of Hindu philosophy and Advaita Vedanta. Logic is a very important part of Hindu debates and discussions. We are suffering because we are not taught the concepts and are being swayed by critics who want to destroy the traditional thought process and lead us to a dystopian world.
  8. Who is destroying that balance? Any religion? Religions have emerged from nature! Materialism and blind science is the reason why society is collapsing.
  9. Regarding the perpetrators of the NWO: "The perpetrators, you forget, have their own religion. They want the world to be converted to that. Therefore they demean the other religions and try to cause their downfall. You know the rituals of the perpetrators. It reflects their ideal. That ideal is the exact opposite of what religions teach. Therefore they are called satanists and they gladly accept that term. They will talk about unity of religions and place their idealogy at the top. They are already talking about One World Religion. They will design it as the ultimate "humane religion" and all will fall for it. Atheism is also a path. Hindus do not detest atheists. The Hindus study all religions and imbibe what fits. Talking about unity of religions; that has emerged from Hinduism with the Ramakrishna Vivekananda movement leading. You say religion appeared to divide. Is their any truth to that? Earlier people lived in different geographies and they developed their own philosophy. There was never any motive to divide. There is nothing wrong with different paths as they reach the same goal. This was stressed by Ramakrishna. He practiced all major religions and reached the same consciousness."

  10. Replying to what came first, religion or human beings: “There is consciousness called Sat-Chid-Ananda. Existence- Consciousness - Bliss. That is the reality. The world is like a mirage that appears real until questioned. The ego is another false construct whereby the individual feels trapped within the mirage. There is an attempt to emerge from that trap. This very inquiry forms the basis of religion. It emerges from the community inquiring into the nature of the world. The next is reverentially approaching nature to gain from it. Thus emerges tantra and rituals. We notice that the facts of nature come without any instruments. And so does knowledge regarding release from the illusion. It is thus revealed. This revealed knowledge is known as Shruti. Then there are social and community rules and regulations. These are called Smruti. These regulations are open to reform as society changes. These two Shruti and Smruti are the basis of Hindu religion. Thus there is knowledge that always exists and there is human knowledge. It is always better to know what is what before blindly opposing.”