Bharatvarsh will rise again despite the hurdles


The fall of the Dharmic practices of Bharatvarsh began after the Mahabharata war. We are led to believe that the war was fought in the limited land called Kurukshetra. However the size of the army and the number of chariots, horses and elephants deployed point towards a far greater battlefield. The popularity of the Ramayana and Mahabharata extends to a large area beyond the current borders indicating that the extent of the society at that time was spread in a large part of Asia.

The war was savage and brutal. The descriptions indicate the use of very powerful weapons with great destructive potential. The war led to a civilization collapse. Society completely broke down as the men folk were decimated and the widows preferred to end their lives. This was followed by devastating earthquakes that ended coastal civilizations and obstructed the course and life of rivers leading to loss of habitats and mass displacement.

While the war was a win of Dharma over adharma the consequences left no one happy. The tormented Pandavas took to the Himalayan route and King Parikshit continued the rule. Kali or the personification of the Iron Age got a foothold during his time denoting a greater crisis ahead. Dharma lost its third leg and hobbled on one.

The decimation of the population encouraged invasions. The invaders were attracted by the huge wealth that travelers and traders talked about in the far corners of the world. The country was also characterized by the many rivers, extremely fertile lands, and rich forests. The people were described as simple and straightforward, disciplined, inclined towards philosophy, and lovers of knowledge, sciences, art and sculpture.

The invasions were devastating. The cream of society, kings warriors philosophers leaders, were killed, the women violated, captured in large numbers and traded, and people forcibly converted. The assault on the women led to their being confined to homes. Temples, centers of learning, and the universities were razed. Bharata became poor despite the riches that still existed.

The East India Company, erstwhile pirates, took over the country with subterfuge and based on the power of modern weaponry. At first they marveled over the architecture, knowledge base, scriptures, and the inherent ethical strength of the people who were educated and followed strict societal norms. Each had an identity in the scheme of things. Communities were strong and framed their own laws. They were united and therefore strong and resilient.

Then the Sepoy Mutiny happened. The Company realized that they had not been able to conquer the spirit of the people despite being pushed into poverty and disarray by Company interventions and exploitation.

They knew they had to divide the people. British Missionaries arrived. The Portuguese were already proselytizing and violently forcing people to convert. The Missionaries knew they had to root out the spiritual strength of the country to conquer its soul.

They started collecting scriptural texts and translating them, distorting them in the process. The administration converted community strength into casteism and pit one community against the other. The Hindus and Muslims were encouraged to be antagonistic towards each other by raking up old wounds. A huge section of the people were included into the administration and used to exploit the rest, further dividing the people.

The small pox epidemic became a tool for the introduction of English medicine. It was scoffed at by Indians who, well aware of ayurvedic and naturopathic principles, sensed that it knew nothing about the body's operating powers and the ability to heal. The forcible repeated administration of the toxic sludge called the small pox shot led to an immensely weakened and diseased population. The moral fiber too was lost, as venereal diseases spread from animals to humans because of them, and the moral nature of people changed towards the worst. This change was noted and ascribed to the influence of Kali by the puzzled population. Dharma suffered another very big hit. The English medicine established itself based on the 62 serious diseases that appeared as adverse effects of the toxic shots and engulfed the whole country.

"Independent India" outlawed its own systems of medicine and put the crown in the head of Big Pharma. That system is today the greatest threat to the lives of the people who find themselves powerless against it. The decision to outlaw holistic systems and hand over the country to vile forces was one of the greatest mistakes made by a government that was subservient to its erstwhile masters.

Leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose and the young brave freedom fighters who were ready to give up their lives struck terror in the ranks of the Company. They realized they had to leave one day as they sensed that the armed forces too were responding to the overtures of Bose.

They decided to deepen the religious divide and implemented the partition of India. They so arranged the system that all British policies continued to be followed. The independence was only in name. Their chosen representatives ruled the country. The divisions in society continued to be exploited for political gains.

The Company looted the country for all it was worth, officially $ 49 million was usurped, and convinced the people they were always poor, superstitious, unscientific, and helpless. Secular education ensured that the truth remained buried.

The British feared the inherent spiritual strength of the traditional population. Spirituality was kept out of the ambit of education, canards were spread and the population convinced that their philosophy was superstition and not worth studying.  Conversions happened in a greater scale, the morality of the country was drowned by the terms science and secularism.

The brains of the dimmed population reached the nadir where they could not comprehend their own lofty texts even if they tried to read them. People accepted foreign rule as their fate and enjoyed the crumbs they received in return.

Today the country has been divided in every possible way through politics, development funds, social engineering campaigns, and the money power of corporate philanthropists. The younger generation is brainwashed into hating and attacking their own past and present unmindful of the consequences. The spiritual fire of the country that continues to mesmerize intellectuals worldwide is attacked and ridiculed by its own who have no idea what it is about. They feel that cutting off their own hands and legs is the best strategy.

They love their politicians and political parties that are sold to the East India  Company that continues to rule. They have stopped loving their country and its heritage. This brainwashed population is being led to the guillotine of the new world order. To the misguided liberal population the promise of a borderless world and direct rule by the elite appears like manna from heaven! Funded by these forces they prefer to remain blind to the obvious.

The present situation is worse than the invasions of the past. "Free India" is a slave to outside domination and funding. People earn their bread and butter cutting off their roots. Their pharma infused toxic brains make them zombies attacking each other.

The country is at risk of another huge partition that is being readied. It is at the risk of a powerful invasion that is showing its fangs in the borders. It is at risk of being consumed by fires from within.

The very people who are intent on doing this will wake up from their slumber only when the invading forces they currently love so much and obey will enter their homes and treating them to be "Indians" regardless of faith or lack of it, will inflict the same torture that is characteristic of them. All of this will happen.

But India will rise again led by a powerful personality who will take on the reins of the country. He will be able to convince the then chastised forces to join hands. The third world war will see India united from within though it will witness a lot of destruction thanks to high power weaponry that will be matched by the country.

Many disturbances later a decimated population protected by divine forces will again embrace Dharma. It will be fully realized that straying from the path of righteousness led to the immense destruction that nobody expected would happen. It will be far far greater than the Mahabharata, embracing the whole world (Maha Viswa), and the consequent natural disasters. Its immensely will surpass all past events.

Isn't it a pity that our own hands will lead to that destruction? Kali has gripped our minds and is dragging us to our doom. Our intense negative karma has broken all the restraints that would have checked the path. We are today like a huge boulder crashing down the mountain to be shattered into thousands of pieces, humbled by the event.

The sane can only stand back and witness what is coming. Destiny is at work.

But that same destiny will again propel Bharata to the top. The 1000 years of neglect will end. The Sanatan Dharma of the hallowed land will again find its feet and provide succor to the suffering population that will survive the coming cataclysm.