Attacking religion is part of the agenda


Earlier there were religious societies. The capitalists manufactured their demise through various sponsored movements to set up industrialized societies based on consumerism and competition and devoid of morality and ethics. They did it to acquire power and with the plan to take over the world.

Once societies changed, religions were distorted and presented as evil. The people faced obstacles in practice as religious education was ignored and the secular education was designed to create doubts. Theories that challenged religious beliefs were projected as science to dumb down the religious. Deliberate faulty translation of texts misled the people. People lost touch with the texts that had sustained them for generations.

The various religions were set against each other to divide the people. The current practices of encouraging perversions in the name of liberalization and progress cannot succeed unless people forget their roots and integrity.

The reckless use of perverted science (that seeks to destroy nature and set up an artificial world) is causing mayhem. Societies are falling apart, the human being has become an animal, mental sanity is lost, peace is threatened, wars are being encouraged, the environment has gone for a toss, and natural resources seriously depleted. To deflect attention religion is being projected as the problem.

There is also another agenda - the one world religion that will bow to the antichrist. All religions will be further demonized and the satanic religion projected as the solution. Should we submit to such an effort?

Religion contains the cumulative knowledge of our ancestors. They are a medley of deep philosophical thought, the path of self realization, societal norms, political strategies, sustainable livelihoods, economic development, and the knowledge of nature and the art of tapping it. The earlier societies were aware of science and technology that was used to buttress and harness nature for the benefit of the people.

Archaeological findings do not support the theory that ours is the only advanced civilization. The huge underwater structures being unearthed, and those existing above ground, are stunning and point towards advanced technology in use. Why is this fact being negated? What role did the precursors of the present elite play in the earlier civilizations that needs to be hidden from public gaze? Are these demons really intelligent or are they merely borrowing from the past?

Gaps in civilization due to wars and natural calamities, book burning, and the distortion of texts have not allowed the unalloyed transfer of knowledge. Man is thus helplessly trapped in the material world, and ruled by forces that demean him, his reality, capacity and knowledge. The corruptive influence of Pharma has further debilitated him and prepared the base for the perversions we observe.

Money power is being used to fund movements that attack and demean religions and cause religious disturbances. Conversions are being funded to create animosity. The people engaged in such diatribe fail to see the destructive face of evil intent and distorting technology that masquerades as science. The word science has acquired a strange life of its own stopping all criticism and discourse by the mere mention.

We live in an era of deception and utter falsehood. We are being ruled by people who pretend to be secular, democratic and scientific, but who have strange deities and perform disgusting secret rituals. If we understand their religion and how they are spreading their perverted practices globally through the media and pharmaceutical sorcery we will immediately understand the intent behind attacks on traditional religions.

A veneer of democracy and free will hides a very dirty agenda. The crimes of the elite that are regularly surfacing need to be discussed and debated. What plans do they have for us? Should we submit to such plans? What options exist for us?

We can seek answers only if we can unite and fight the divisive agenda.