We have stopped caring.


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Many of us are too busy with our lives. Life has become complicated. It takes almost all of our time. Whatever time is left we devote to the electronic equipment that engross us.

There are other people in this world. Do we think about them? Do we look at a person and imagine how his or her life could be? When we see a haggard face do we stop to think the travails that lie behind it?

A child often does that. It tries to imagine why anyone is happy or grumpy. Sensing the artificial world around, or fearing the disinterest that would greet if it thinks aloud, it keeps its feelings to itself. There are few children today who would look at an oil slick on the road and say, look Maa a rainbow! They are burdened with “education”.

What keeps us busy? What makes us drag on with our lives? What makes us live from day to day? What occupies our minds? Can we pen our thoughts? Maybe if someone read our notes it could result in something resembling a conversation?

The world was one day full of extroverts. People talked. They talked and talked and talked. Today their tribe is on the wane. Except for groups of children and youth, the rest have lines on their forehead and pursed lips. The young miss the joy of freedom and try to let down their hair and enjoy the little time they have for themselves.

What about becoming a minimalist? If we devote less time towards accumulating things that we do not need we could have more time in our hands and feel less cluttered.

Going out and mingling with friends can be another way to get back on track. You may remember how happy you felt during the reunion with your school and college mates. Your worries disappear and you return to happy times. What about meeting your old friends more often? Meeting complete strangers? Yes, that could be an option. Seek out an event near you and attend without anyone inviting you.

Helping people in distress? It does not need to be a photo session. Let your genuine concerns lead you to doing something for the one who needs it. The smile on their face, the nod, or just a look could make you feel more of a human being.

Do you fear being rejected? Why don't you give it a try and see what comes?

The educated and well off tend to build a wall around themselves. Your maid does not think twice while she chats with you, the driver of the cab doesn't mind sharing his feelings with you. The slums are full of life, more than the swanky apartments.

Happiness and self worth are free. They cannot be purchased. Smile when you observe a child smile. Talk back if anyone decides to talk to you. Stare back and smile when you observe anyone following you with their eyes. Nod at the person who cleans your table. Connect with the world and feel one with it.

The life force is the same everywhere. It is the same energy that drives all on this earth. The differences we create are within our minds. Maybe we should keep in mind that the king and the pawn go back to the same box after the game. It is no use pretending we are separate entities.