Are you DUMB enough to live in a SMART city?


India is fast building a chain of SMART cities. Soon they will be ready in all aspects. What are those aspects?

Living in one I silently witness the changes. These changes are physical, at policy level, at personal level, and have grave implications if per chance I fall foul of the system.

When it was declared that my city was chosen to be a SMART one the public cheered. For they were told the city would serve them better and would keep lawlessness and criminality at bay. It promised good infrastructure and better connectivity. It promised beautification and a flurry of events.

So what is wrong with that? The fact is we have always been deceived with glib talk. The greater good has always come at great cost and the merciless pruning of rights and liberties.

The SMART cities are like a pool whose water is slowly being heated even as the public enjoy swimming in it.

There is surveillance, there is codification of assets, there is collection of data at an unprecedented scale, there are tightening of grip with never ending rules. Facial recognition software is being subtly pushed in. Strict traffic rules are grim reminders that fines and vehicle seizures are just a misstep ahead.

There are surveillance centers equipped with the latest gadgets set up by IT firms of international repute. You are followed everywhere. You remember the Orwellian nightmare and realize that you are living in it.

The beautification and infrastructure involves commandeering of people's resources. Laws are being changed to ensure private property can be usurped at a moment’s notice without recourse to justice. Swanky events entail a cleanup that ensures livelihoods of small traders are taken away.

The SMART cities are gearing up for a cashless society. All trade now has the ubiquitous QR code and the swiping machines. Is this system being tracked centrally? That is the idea. Data is the new gold. Nothing escapes the system.

Now suppose if another 'epidemic' is declared. With all the surveillance you can no longer escape what the WHO is planning for you. Search for the "Pandemic Treaty" and prepare for the mandates, stripping away of rights and liberties, and the heavy fines on countries that refuse to toe the line that this treaty has already designed. It will swing into operation if just a handful of the 194 members sign it. It does not need a majority.

The WHO has already prepared a document containing instructions for politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, and lobbyists to follow. Another epidemic is coming, it is being forecast, that will put the earlier ones to shame. Bill Gates is travelling from one country to another to ensure checks and balances are in place. The Covid epidemic, as per the Director of Oxfam International, was a massive exercise in shifting of wealth towards the already rich. There are many such agendas that are combining for the next catastrophe. Clearly human beings are not wanted in this planet.

The WHO can declare a pandemic and enforce all measures at the whim of the human rights abuser who heads it. It is the new Head of the New World Order, far scarier than the WEF. As the Covid measures, that failed in all parameters, will be mandated you can guess that this institution does not have anything to do with science. Doctors and scientists have called upon all countries to quit the WHO.

Your city is being designed into 15 minute zones. This is ostensibly to "serve you better". But a peep into China is enough to let the reality seep in. Residents of the SMART cities there have barricades defining those zones and face recognition software controls movements. The city dwellers need permission to move out of those zones and their mobility is rationed. These do not resemble living quarters but prisons. In many places people are rebelling and breaking down the barriers.

What else do these zones intend to do? In case your zone is declared a containment zone during an ‘epidemic’ you are screwed. You are rendered very easy to contain and control and become subjects of tracing, tracking, testing, treatment, isolation, and you guessed it, vaccination. You are a guinea pig for all purposes.

The vaccines that are coming are all mRNA based. This technology enables super fast development. The vaccines for any disease take just 10 days it is claimed. Those knowledgeable assert whatever the disease declared the same product is injected into you. The diversity is a deception.

These shots, as new technologies are in place, will carry fluorescent material. Scanners can easily detect whether you are vaccinated. All this to "protect the population".

Maybe you think your doctor and clinic will not be so cruel? Hospitals are globally introducing AI based systems. You will face AI enabled computers and robots, not human beings.

The codification of assets (the number that now adorns many a house) is according to SDG goals that intend total state takeover. It is just a matter of time that you have to pay rent for using 'government property'. You are already paying a lot of taxes. There will be no difficulty as there will be a smooth transition.

Paying rent is one thing. What if you are told your house and personal assets are public property? In your absence others have the right to use them?

As people in developed countries are finding out, the electronic equipment in their homes are spying on them. Why worry? Your smart phone is way above them. AI is silently listening to all calls and follows you as you type in social media. It notes the websites you visit, the pages you read, and the videos you watch.

Social media was never social. They are tools to study and manipulate the mind, to track your innermost feelings. Huge computers store all of this information. What will they be used for?

The electric vehicles that you will be forced to purchase will be yet another tool of control. The electronic display which seems glittery will soon have the message, "You have reached the 15 minute limit". You cannot proceed beyond as your vehicle is immobilized. GPS tracking system in your vehicle ensures your every move is watched.

In every SMART city all the cremation grounds are being readied with electric fast burning incinerators. Do you remember the Nobel Prize winner Dr Luc Montagnier? He had warned governments so many people are going to die you need to prepare for mass cremation and burial. Who knows if the waste decomposition system is readying for human bodies as well? The US government has already set up just such a system.

Organizations worldwide are being encouraged to adopt AI and robots in a mass scale for soon "there will be a shortage of human workers".

Another alarming aspect is that you will be a component of the smart city under the Internet of Things concept. You will be chipped and wearables will fuel the growth of 6G. You will be connected to all appliances around you. Your body will contain censors that will send your body parameters to a server which will assess your "disease" and send instructions to capsules within you to release the "medication". This will be a perfect system of control as the AI you will be connected to is already reading minds. What is all of this going to do with your health? Nobody seems concerned. Should you? This level of surveillance is uncanny. You need not react physically, harboring negative thoughts about the establishment is enough to require medication and punishment. The thought police are here.

I can hear you saying stop. I am willing to stop. But please remember, the unending process that has been set in motion is not going to stop.

The SMART cities are really very smart. You need to be a fool to stay in them. They promise you the world and deliver the 15 minute prison. They pretend to serve you while they end up enslaving you. They promise pleasure and deliver never ending pain.

 You will own nothing and be happy.