We are hurtling towards an artificial society.


(Image from internet)

Are you attentive to the changes that are happening around you? Are you reading the headlines? Are you reading between the lines?

We are embracing the word "artificial" in a very big way. For a long time we have cheered at accomplishments of machines that did a better job than any human. The fact that they would rule over us seemed a joke and a subject of Hollywood movies. Nobody would dream of letting that happen!

But today we are facing the grim reality. All over the world organizations are sacking employees. Is it just because of the failing economy? The IT companies are letting us know that they have tools that are doing a better job. While machines were earlier replacing menial workers, now the white collar jobs are at stake.

We are yet to contemplate the impact of artificial intelligence and its ability to replace the thinking human. There have been many who have scoffed at the idea. But with ChatGPT and the like we already have books citing it as co-author. 

The industry that is rapidly growing is machine automation. This is not new. Sophisticated automated machines are a part of all big industries. But big changes are on the way. In China industries that once employed 5000 employees are doing with 5. It is being told that these too are not necessary. The trend is threatening and will lead to disruption in a mass scale.

Robotics is another fast growing concept. They are expected in every sphere. We have robot dogs patrolling the streets, serving customers in restaurants, and helping workers in industries. Very soon we will have domestic robots. There will be robot nurses in hospitals. China is investing heavily in super soldiers. There are reports that they have built robotic soldiers.

The other trend is robots manufacturing robots. The human touch is fast receding.

Artificial intelligence is taking things to another level. We have become accustomed to chat bots that are assisting us. Very soon we will have chat doctors as well. 

The medical field is being transformed. Companies have declared that medical representatives will no longer be required as AI will be interacting with doctors. That AI is becoming a big presence in treatment and surgeries is known. We will have AI simulated virtual clinical trials. The ethical and other concerns are now being discussed in medical circles as doctor’s panic at the developments. 

With Sophia like robots that combine machines with artificial intelligence, we have entered a point of no return. The urge to create the artificial being now reigns supreme. While Sophia is easily discerned by the ragged looks, there are some disturbing videos of robots being composed of human like tissues that make them indistinguishable from human beings.

Imagine being in a house with robotic servants, robotic pets, robotic police guarding the streets, not knowing whether your neighbors are humans or robots, reporting to a machine boss, consulting a AI image of a doctor in your  computer for your medical needs, and being surrounded by AI operated cameras tracking your every move. With Fitbit like tools the invasion into your privacy is leaving you naked and highly vulnerable.

The reality will soon get worse than this with the concept of internet of things and transhumanism. Your human base will be under attack and you are expected to be "upgraded". 

What does this term mean? There will be a seamless operating system joining the entire SMART set up with the human population. Cameras the size of chips are being manufactured that will track and record. Brain chips are undergoing clinical trials. Wrist based chips are ready. Europe already has a policy document in this regard. India could well have one.

You need not reproduce. The state will take care of it with artificial wombs. You need not grow your food. Laboratories manufacturing artificial food, eggs, and meat are up and running.

Worried about the environment? The artificial Sun is ready. Worried about insects dying? Robotic bees are pollinating crops. 

Your fate will be sealed with the Digital ID and the chip. You will become a cell in the SMART world that will take care of you with digital payments provided you agree to all its rules. 

How are you feeling now? Are you ready for this? In many ways you have already stepped into this world with the SMART cities and 5G. There is more to it than can be openly discussed. 

Life will become very harsh. But don't worry; the Metaverse is here to take you to another world; the fully artificial world; the only world where you will be allowed to purchase property; imaginary property.

Welcome to Human 2.00 and the 4th industrial revolution; all for the greater good and the benefit of humanity. Your SMART coffin is ready.

Nothing will be left for nature. But will it sit and twiddle its thumbs? Time will tell.