The Truth Behind "Build Back Better"


Of all the new world order terms being bandied about, this one (build back better) deserves a bit of attention.

On the face of it, it seems innocuous and logical but it is a loaded term that lies at the core of the issues we are facing. Issues that stay unresolved. Issues that are ignored despite being of utmost importance.

This is not a new term thought it has received a fillip as it has been mainstreamed and is emerging from many mouths.

Why is this term loaded? When we say build back better what is the central proposition? It is destruction. It is only after something is destroyed that you can "build back better".

What is the other aspect? We need to question the word "better". What is better? Do we have a good idea about this better? Who is deciding what is better? Is it a democratic process? A democratic process will never want a collapse or destruction. It will seek to rectify anomalies such that the collapse or destruction does not happen.

But here we seem to have a mindset that is working towards destruction so that it can set up another system. That system will not be accepted unless there is a destruction, the people are rendered helpless, and they have no choice but to accept what is offered.

We are hurtling into a precipice. We all know that. But we are propelled by the notion that "my precipice is better than yours".

This brings us to another aspect. We are all at loggerheads with each other without any space for reconciliation. We are busy fighting each other. We are concerned about our personal on the spot victories in the face of a situation where the desired victory requires a combined coordinated effort.

When two people fight, the third benefits. The third is interested in the fight and flames it. He also takes great care to ensure that the gaze is always away from him. He assists both in the fight. He prefers to stay in the background.

We Indians are unfortunate that we cannot see through it. It is this strategy that felled us in the first place. The third party remains the same. The one that took over India and ruled it for 200 years. A gang of traders. They were called the East India Company. Currently the world knows them as the Illuminati. They are the super rich who manipulate the world through their investments.

This third party has a strategy called the Hegelian Dialectic (Agenda - Thesis - Antithesis - (solution) - Synthesis). The strategy is;

  • Have a plan ready
  • Create a crisis
  • Allow existing crises to fester and lead to collapse or destruction
  • Place the pre determined solution before the people as the only alternative
  • Crouch the proposal in the nicest possible terms and pose that you have a heart of gold
  •  Build the capacity to implement the solution.
  • By the time the plan is presented you have the resource and experts whose capacity is honed enough to implement it. Thus it gets implemented in no time. 

This strategy has never failed so far. It has built a prison around us even as we are made to feel that we are free and live in a democracy.

How is the destruction being planned?

  • Man made wars
  •  Human enhanced impacts of natural calamities
  • Human designed epidemics to implement pre determined "prevention and treatment"
  • Induced food shortages and famines
  • Economic collapse
  • Digital collapse

What is the solution being offered? A new social order being called the new world order.

What is the new world order?
  • One world government
  • One world digital currency
  • One world religion
  • Centralized governance
  • One world identity through Digital ID
  • Human enhancement called transhumanism. Human 2.00
  •  No personal property
  •  Control of the rulers over natural resources and personal property
  • Rent of permitted property
  • Universal basic income based on social credit
  • Rationing of provisions
  •  Controlled residence and mobility
  • Total surveillance

Do you remember voting for this structure at any point of time? But this is the "better" that is being projected!

The tools are;

  • Generating fear on economy, epidemics, and climate change, and in response implementing the following;
  • ·        Sustainable development goals
  • ·        WHO Pandemic Treaty
  • ·        Universal immunization
  • ·        Decisions taken at WEF, G 20 and other global meetings, and
  • ·        Institutions like the UN, WHO, World Bank and IMF

What is very concerning is that the habitat plan of the new world has space for only 5% of the present population. What will happen to the rest? Why are the speakers in WEF events repeatedly stressing that the worlds population is a challenge and it needs to be downsized? What are they planning even as these very people assert that they are "saving lives with vaccines"?

There are certain aspects of society that require critical thinking and cannot be left to outside forces;

  • ·        Education
  • ·        Political structure
  • ·        Financial structure
  • ·        Judicial system
  • ·        Health
  • ·        Media and communication

If we examine carefully we will observe that these aspects have been hijacked to aid in the perpetual conflict that we are engaged in. We have not been allowed a choice. We have inherited a readymade system and our leaders who acceded convinced us that it needed no change. There have been several attempts to induce sanity but they have failed.

The situation is grave. The reconciliatory approach that alone can solve the situation is missing and not being allowed. Claws are being sharpened, vital issues neglected. Technological advances are being rampantly used to seal our fate.

Books like 1984, The Brave New World, Future Shock, Limits to Health and many others have placed the script before us but we have ignored them as fantasies; too farfetched to be believed. It is the unbelievable that is happening now and we are the least prepared.

When intellectuals fail the society with their narrow approach that refuses to see the full picture, the interests of diverse stakeholders; and when meetings are marred by personal bickering, disaster strikes. Those who are planning our demise are masters in creating such situations and have done so in plain sight.

The new world order and the fourth industrial revolution is the wolf in sheep's clothing. It is the prison where a few global citizen will live a life of slavery based on the whims of the rulers. If you have watched Hunger Games you will get an idea of what is coming.

The world is a stage and a game is being played. Those warning about the outcome are being termed conspiracy theorists and ignored. This is the perfect recipe for disaster.