The changing face of medicine

(Image from internet)

A new brand of medicine is emerging. It is being termed manipulative and disruptive by members of the profession. They are viewing it with alarm because it will redesign the way the medical world operates.

The footsteps of this new medicine are already being heard.

  • Robotic surgeries
  • Robots as nurses
  • Computerized interface
  • Digital health records
  • Use of CRISPR gene editing tool
  • mRNA and DNA vaccines
  • SMART watches and wearable that study body parameters
  • Apps that advise people on matters of health
  • Chips as medicine delivery units have been tried and are all set to go universal
  • Health ID's to be connected to the Digital ID in the near future
  • The 5 star hospitals are getting ready to lead on the AI front

Whereas the world is trying to move away from reductionism and embrace holism, these methods are engraving reductionism in stone.

Not only manipulative and destructive, medicine is becoming more invasive. The Covid vaccines have introduced graphene oxide and nano sized structures into the human body along with lipid nanoparticles and wireless sensitive ingredients. 6G is being developed that will use the human body as an energy unit. 5G and 6G have the potential to harness artificial energy and fully dominate the human being in entirety.

With the use of artificial intelligence and digital tools, the decision making is drastically shifting from human to the realm of intelligent machines. The system has always been insensitive towards patients. Now there will be no option for reforms. Real machines will take over from the human ones.

The goal is to monitor the body and mind from within. Graphene oxide is a structure that has been identified to be a network to facilitate the interconnectivity between machines and human and  build a seamless system. Its introduction into the body leaves no doubt regarding the intent.

Insurance companies are already talking about introducing a chip that monitors whether a person is taking the right medications at the right time.

So what will be the future system? Sensors within the body will determine the illness and signal to medicine containing chips to release the right dose of the right medicine. The correctness of the medicine will be determined by the same mindset that has sickened the world.

Will it operate only for sickness? How will sickness be defined? A dog that does not obey the commands of the master or has an ill feeling towards him can be considered a sick dog and corrective action taken.

It would have been difficult to set up large prisons to imprison the rebels. The system has converted the whole world into a prison with technology as prison guards. Now the body itself becomes a prison for the independence seeking mind and soul.

The new CDC classification of disease has a name for those who refuse vaccines. It terms them as "delinquent". The delinquents are to be "traced and treated". Maybe it will also come out with a term and response for those who refuse to submit to this novel form of AI supported medical madness.

An army of "fact checkers" has been trained to bear down upon those who will oppose the system and expose its intention.

People ask me why I am against technology. I oppose because technology has offered destructive tools on a platter to scheming sadistic minds.

The medical world needs to come together and revolt because not only is their future at stake, they too will be subject to the same operating system; just as they were forced to take the gene therapy shots given with intent to harm.