Doctors die early than general patients 

This is not the first study that shows doctors are not in the best of health. The subject has been discussed and the following have been the conclusions;

- Hospital atmosphere is responsible. I agree this is a killer with all the gadgets and medical stores, presence of drug resistant strains, and the abomination called hospital food

- Doctors live under stress. They smoke, drink, take drugs and they cannot be entirely blamed 

- Doctors prefer junk food. It is ubiquitous in medical settings. They have no training in food and nutrition 

There is another thing not discussed;

- Doctors are subjected to the same treatment methods as the patients 

I think there is a study on families of doctors as well. The result was the same. The families of doctors are disproportionately burdened with disease.

Nobody is healthy in this set up. And yet discussions around this are not encouraged.

What are the basic determinants of health? Non toxic atmosphere, safe nutritious food, clean water, sanitation and hygiene, safe sustainable livelihoods, safe housing, town planning, adequate income, adherence to the circadian cycle, mental hygiene, and physical work. Unfortunately these things do not figure in today's healthcare. 

There is another thing that doctors could do well to remember;

The cause of disease is primarily accumulation of waste and toxicity. Acute diseases, with elimination symptoms, are the body's response to survive and keep itself healthy. The body is its own doctor.

Hence the adage, doctor do as much nothing as possible. Instead of interfering with the body's own mechanism to stay healthy, the doctors ought to ensure the basic determinants that are the only preventive measures.

It is not wise to induce diseases and then manage them disregarding the need for cures.