Saturn Enters Aquarius: Justice will be delivered


Saturn has entered Aquarius, its own place, on 29th January 2023 and will stay there till 17th March 2025. This is the penultimate period of Kaliyuga.

Saturn is all about justice. With this alignment we enter the age of Mahabharata where the Pandavas sought justice. This means that Dharma will raise its head. The tireless journey of Kali, where evil seemed to have its unimpeded way, and the life of people became accustomed to breaking rules for the sake of immediate gains, will become difficult as justice will be meted out, slowly but surely.

Difficult times are ahead. On the one hand Adharma or injustice, that has had a very good run, will seek to reap its ultimate reward, the complete abolition of Dharma or the natural order; on the other Dharma will want to establish its presence again.

The old order changeth; yielding its place to the new.

In all probability we are entering the period of great tribulation as prophecied in Biblical texts. While Saturn remains in Aquarius for 2.5 years, the tribulation will last 3.5 years.

Astrologically the following are expected;

- Trouble for the labour force as AI and automation makes jobs scarce. Huge unemployment is foreseen

- The economic recession begins. Speculative gains are wiped out. The stock market reaches its end. Paper money loses its charm. Digital economy is choosy and will elude many leading to great disturbance. The new economic system will not be for all

- Diseases take their toll on humanity.

- Natural calamities become common. Man made calamities rule. Water will be a source of sorrow. People living in coastal areas and near rivers will suffer. Cyclones and tsunamis prevail. A big dam break will occur. Among man made calamities, events like the Mumbai blasts are foreseen.

- A big earthquake that will be remembered for a very long time may occur in this period.

- Electricity and the energy sector will take a hit. Internet services may face breakdowns.

- Food inflation in the first 7 months, that is till August 17th is foreseen.

- Wars continue...

- In India Bengal, Odisha, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat will witness natural calamities. Mumbai may witness deadly strikes.

- Things become tough for the rulers and popular unrest spreads.

I think these are certain to happen as the new world order seeks to establish itself by breaking down the existing system. Already we have witnessed the following;

  • -      Retrenchment in the IT and online sales sectors
  • -      Stock market downfall
  • -      A huge industrialist taking a beating
  • -      Pfizer once again exposed
  • -      Footfalls of calamity in the Himalayan region

This is just the beginning. Once Saturn enters Pisces on 30th March 2025 the end times will begin. The last 4 to 5 years will witness unprecedented destruction.