Disease has become the norm!


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The prime cause of disease is waste accumulation and toxins. When this happens the vitality in the body throws the toxins and waste outside. We experience acute symptoms like cold, cough, dysentery, diarrhea, fever, skin rashes etc. These are termed acute disease but they are not diseases. They are an essential recovery process. The body redeems itself through such a process.

The healthy person does not feel the weight of his body, experiences hunger and sleep on time, and has a good mentality. He has absolute control over his emotions and passions. He has good strength and vitality. Vitality can be explained as the energy level of the body but it is more than that. It encompasses the body's intrinsic intelligence.

Trouble began when we started treating acute diseases as external infections. The body is the best doctor in the whole world. Nobody can compete with it. But we have competition in the form of a medical system that pretends to know better than the body. As a result acute symptoms are treated as disease and medications are used to suppress the process instead of facilitating it. The medications in the form of chemical drugs, toxic shots, and surgical interventions add to the toxicity of the body and deplete its vitality. The road towards serious complications is built by spending lakhs of crores as "health care".

Then we have chronic disease at physical, mental and emotional levels. The person experiences all the disease states that are common today and loses control over the mind, emotions, and passions. The body loses its ability to perform on time and basic faculties like hunger and sleep are denied. The functions like digestion, assimilation, and elimination are affected adding to the woes. The person becomes a patient for life and contributes towards the growth of the "health care" system that is always waiting in the wings to "help" him.

On top of this we have the industrial empire that produces junk food, makes the whole food system toxic with fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. It pollutes the atmosphere and renders the basic elements like air, water, and earth toxic. The communication industry makes space toxic with wireless, and radio waves. We also have electricity that completes the picture. The unfortunate human being struggles in this toxic atmosphere. His body responds with acute ailments that are termed pandemics and epidemics and the entire machinery is benefitted from the sale of drugs and toxic shots that become mandatory during such periods.

Is it a wonder that we suffer health complications and are burdened with diseases that range from heart ailments to cancer?

How do we cure ourselves? We need to pay respect to the acute conditions. The body is always trying to rectify itself. But whenever it does so, our "education" makes us rush to the doctor to stop the process. We should learn to take care of ourselves and seek the help of holistic practitioners. The holistic practitioners will allow the process and supply the hydration needed. They will also strengthen the elimination organs so that they can perform well and do not succumb.

One can also resort to detoxification methods. Procedures like naturopathic detoxification and Panchakarma are available. Homeopathic treatment has a built in detoxification system. When the remedies strengthen the vitality the body automatically adopts the detoxification mode. Taking recourse to such detoxification regularly is essential. When we stay away from toxins and engage in regular detoxification we avoid the serious inconvenience of the complex and painful acute systems we experience today.

Next comes nutrition. This involves freeing the food system from toxins, eliminating junk and processed foods, and adding diversity to the food. The farmer is the doctor. When we help the farmer and the natural farming system, we ensure good health and cheer.

The governments should stop the industry from polluting the world. There are many ways of doing so. The activists who rage against the pollution have the solutions. We should listen to them and not demonize and persecute them.

Restoration of health also requires a good system of education that teaches ethics and human values. The current "medical system" is creating criminals by thoroughly disturbing us at physical, mental, and emotional levels. Human beings are no longer in control of themselves. In the process they are losing their vitality and adding to the disease process. This is the greatest loss.

As Gandhiji had aptly remarked that society is healthy which does not require jails and hospitals. Today we have a hospital in every street and feel proud at the "progress of science". This is also why Gandhiji was obsessed with brahmacharya. For a healthy person brahmacharya is normal, he or she does not have to struggle.

I had once discussed all of this with a DG police of our state, now retired. He was numbed and after a time had said, we should build another Tihar to host the "scientists". They can build their laboratories in the jail premises and experiment upon themselves.

If we want more of health and less of disease and its complications we must all come together. It is good to be proud of science, but what goes on by the name of science must deliver good health and cheer.

As far as health is concerned, naturopathy and systems based on naturopathic principles are the only science. What goes by the name of modern medicine is glorified quackery. It has become the number one threat to life and health. At present it has become the prime depopulation tool. The whole world should get together to devise ways and means to stop it in its tracks.