Gyana vs Bhakti: Negotiating Kaliyuga


Gyana vs Bhakti

There is no fight between the two. Knowledge takes you to the final conclusion. Devotion makes the task easier. When knowledge makes you dry, devotion irrigates the soil. The mind needs to know, the heart needs to feel. If you are attracted towards the ideal and that attraction has the power to consume you, it achieves the same that reasoning and logic can deliver. Devotion goes a step forward for it is a sure indication that you are connected to the source. It is the pull from the inside.

May your devotion see you sail through the turbulent times ahead. May your knowledge guard you when the blows hit hard. You are the indestructible witness to whatever happens. The external world is the projection of your mind. The experience called life is always pushing you towards the ultimate realization.

Negotiating Kaliyuga.

There is fear all around as people feel insecure amidst the rapidly changing scenario. Why did God create this age, they ask. What is the logic behind it?

The world is a mixture of positive and negative elements. Just like gold ornaments need base metal to form a structure. However unlike gold ornaments creation is dynamic and a play of good and bad. The tuning is set to a dominance of good when a cycle begins. When good dominates, the negative elements suffer. They cannot express themselves fully and harbour dissatisfaction within themselves. This dissatisfaction is allowed full release at the end of the cycle. They will have their day and good has to retreat. This is the logic behind Kaliyuga. Once the negativity finds its fullest expression it collapses under its own weight and the divine potential again comes to the fore.

Why cannot the world be perfect? Any creation will involve all kinds of forces. No creation is perfect. It will always have imperfection built within it because creation has destruction woven into it. This is a blessing because bitter experiences provides the impetus to seek higher levels. The key is not to get frustrated but seek answers. When the world frightens the opportunity to go inward presents itself.

The cusp between one age and the other is always very difficult to bear. Everything falls apart. The old house has to be torn down to build the new structure. The pain is unbearable but once the child is born, the happiness of the mother knows no bounds.

"Pain is the hands of nature sculpturing man to greatness

The inspired labour chisels with heavenly cruelty an unwilling mould

Though the shaping God's tremendous touch is pain unbearable for the mortal nerves

The fiery spirit grows within and feels a joy in every titan pang."

This verse of Sri Aurobindo in The Savitri is now fulfilling itself.

Rejoice, for the new world is taking birth.