How your thoughts react after acquiring knowledge of Vedanta


How I have started looking at things.

My friend: Hey look, there is Avinash!

Me: A product of pure consciousness enmeshed in a cage of space, air, fire, water, and earth, developed a non existent ego, fallen into the trap of Maya, forgets he is Brahman and thinks he is Avinash.

My friend: Wow look at those shoes. They look great. Why don't you purchase them?

Me: Everything is energy. Everything is consciousness. I am that consciousness. I am everything. The world floats in me. I own everything. What can I purchase that is not mine?

My friend: We should help others. That is the goal of life.

Me: All are but reflections of the same reality. There is only one. There are no others. Everything is Brahman.

My friend: Oh God! Have you heard Gaurav passed away today morning.

Me: There is no birth and death. Everything is an illusion. Nothing is happening. Only consciousness rules. This is the conclusion of the Mandukya Upanishad.

My friend: What do we do with life?

Me: We flow with the flow as a witness knowing fully well that we are a part of the play, our actions are predetermined and planned, holding on to the center by cultivating the stillness that unites us with Brahman