How much harm is the medical system capable of?


Dear Dr ____,

You need not apologize. In my more than two decades of engagement in internet forums I have suffered much much worse. I have developed the skin of a rhinoceros.

Regarding your contention that if people listen to me all hospitals have to close down, I will consider that a compliment. Proliferation of clinics and hospitals indicate a sick population. It is not an indication of health.

Any medical system should have health and cures as its core objective. If you care to study the beginnings of the present dispension you will notice ferocious objection from the best of professionals of those times when medicine took a turn for the worse. Bereft of the medical industry the profession knew what to do. Quacks ruled because they offered "prompt relief" with their suppressive methods. As they were very powerful they could convince Rockefeller to step in and save their business.

After that all genuine systems of medicine became quackery. Even William Osler whose methods drove reductionist medicine became a vociferous critic witnessing the consequences. His criticism forced the empire to sidestep him. He was the person who supplied the material for anti vaccine documents and petitioners. He perceived the inherent futility of the process. No genuine practitioner of medicine will want to harm.

But the new dispension legalized the harm. It put all its efforts behind vaccination as it is disease that leads to prosperity. Health decimates and stymies the growth of the medical empire. Everything became topsy turvy and today the medical empire with a turnover of nearly 3 trillion rules because 95.4% of the world's population is sick as per a 2013 study sponsored by the BMGF.

If you want to know where real medical science is headed kindly study the sciences of nutrition, microbiome and mycobiome, epigenetics, circadian rhythm, exercise, role of chaos, energy and vitality, mind body medicine, and investigations into the health benefits of spirituality and religion. A whole new paradigm has opened up.

As an activist I represent the patients. The patients want health, they want cures if they fall sick. The system of inducing chronic disease and then managing them is not what they will prefer if they can have their way. A monopolistic system that keeps genuine systems of medicine at bay to practice its own methods cannot have their sympathy. This system continues because the majority are ignorant of what goes on.

You say you acknowledge the corruption. This corruption is not limited to financial aspects. It extends to the way disease is perceived. The germ and virus theory is the base of that corruption. Diseases are not caused by germs and viruses as doctors of the day pointed out in defiance of Pasteur, and experiments with healthy persons have proved later. They are caused by dietary errors, lifestyle factors, and toxicity. The germs and viruses are produced within the body to deal with these factors. They are rectifying and detoxifying agents. The elimination symptoms of acute diseases are indicative of rectification and elimination.

The best way to decrease the acute disease load is to take care of food and nutrition, maintain the circadian rhythm, avoid toxicity, ensure income and safe livelihoods, good housing, sanitation and hygiene, and relieve the burden of anxiety and stress. These are the determinants of health as we all are aware of yet refuse to acknowledge.

There were a group of eminent doctors who were active during British rule and around Indian Independence who advocated these measures to be the backbone of the health system of independent India. They were known as Public Health Doctors. They could influence the prominent politicians of the day but the process was torpedoed by the WHO. The PHD set up at their behest too is now only a concept and the department has been taken down.

If we ensure the basic determinants and recognize that the acute diseases are not infectious diseases and are but the healing efforts of the body seeking to rectify imbalances, eliminate waste and toxicity people can be healthy. The doctors duty is to supervise the healing process of the body and pursue the least interference route. This is the reason why Rockefeller medicine was opposed when it went forward with its novel experiment defying collective medical wisdom.

In our exchange I was trying to drive home this point. V's can be effectively understood only when the larger picture is comprehended.

I do not blame anyone for not understanding. We all know v's are enforced at a level where scientific arguments cannot reach. So there is no point blaming you or any other.

The thing is how long do we remain oblivious? All of us in this game are trapped by its peculiar theories, rules and regulations that have been named science. A shibboleth has been created and all are expected to bow down before it.

But currently we are facing a very drastic situation. We all know how the Covid game has been played and the Covid vaccines enforced. Even members of this group have obliged and suffered. But it does not end here. The Pandemic Treaty and the various public health bills being conjured indicate a level of criminality that surpasses all past crimes. That the lobbyists are pushing it through despite knowing the consequences makes it obvious that even the pretense of science has disappeared. There is a section that despises useless eaters and what more do they need? They can "protect" and decimate at one stroke without being exposed and remaining protected by law.

This defies all logic and sanity. Therefore what is rational and scientific to the members of the profession are perceived to be irrational and unscientific to those subject to its practices.

I perceive a scenario where people are so programmed that they are perfectly capable of implementing without thinking. They gain and also have amnesty. I can only say that the resultant disruption of society is going to affect all; just as the v's have not differentiated between the lay person and the experts. All are in the same boat.

We also know that in a few years time AI and robotics will dominate the medical scene and doctors, surgeons, scientists, and nurses will become redundant. The industry will directly market its products and do away with the inconvenience of intermediaries.

Do we commit suicide or do we see through the ruse and protest?

You decide.

With regards,