Monkey Pox: What the speck is going on?


What is monkey pox?

  • ·        A spot on your body
  • ·        A rash
  • ·        A boil
  • ·        A blister

And if asymptomatic;

  • ·        Clear blemish less skin

Probable cause;

  • ·        Heat
  • ·        Fever
  • ·        Exposure to elements
  • ·        Exposure to toxins

Who will diagnose you?

  • ·        Experts who are after your life and money
  • ·        Labs who have invested in testing
  • ·        Non experts who have become experts
  • ·        Illiterates who have assumed high office
  • ·        People who are assigned targets
  • ·        Hospitals looking for a side income
  • ·        Salaried Municipal workers

What will be the treatment?

  • ·        The small pox vaccine which is considered the most dangerous and deadly product ever produced linked to 62 serious conditions including death

Who will take it?

  • ·        People who are afraid they will die

Who will not take it?

  • ·        Who are yet to evolve as brainless creatures

To put things in perspective;

  • ·        If we claim that we have just had a devastating viral epidemic that occurs once every 200 years, then we should not see another very soon
  • ·        According to medical science recovery from one viral illness ensures protection from all kinds of viral illnesses for a pretty long time. This is natural. Viral illnesses are about detoxification. Once that has taken place the body will not need another detoxification for a good period of time
  • ·        Viral illnesses therefore cannot follow in quick succession unless there is some motive behind it
  • ·        In March 2021 a meeting was held in Munich under the aegis of the Nuclear Threat Initiative that discussed a simulated monkey pox exercise. It predicted an outbreak in May 2022 that by 2023 would claim more than 270 million lives
  • ·        It discussed the response measures. Masking, isolation, quarantines, lockdowns, and vaccines. Sounds familiar? It warned that countries not resorting to these measures would witness unprecedented deaths. Recently the WHO has advised against having sex. So we sort of know where this is headed. The gay population is being targeted. People of African origin are not comfortable because the disease is supposed to be of African origin
  • ·        Monkey pox, as described, is a self limiting disease. It does not have high mortality associated with it. So what are people going to die from?
  • ·        The small pox vaccine had an unprecedented mortality rate. The British in India used to send small pox data to the Queen in England. The mortality figures were accompanied by the words, "mostly vaccinated"
  • ·        The disease was first identified among monkeys in a laboratory at Copenhagen engaged in polio research. Laboratory animals subjected to novel drugs and vaccines are known to display a wide range of symptoms due to the toxicity
  • ·        Why was the disease highlighted? In the times of small pox it came in handy. To prove the efficacy of the vaccines the small pox that appeared after vaccination was being recorded in other names; chicken pox, measles, eczema. Monkey pox offered another option
  • ·        It is very difficult to distinguish between the pox family diseases. Currently scientists are pointing out chicken pox and monkey pox are indistinguishable
  • ·        The Covid vaccines have led to various kinds of eruptive diseases; urticaria, autoimmune blistering disease, eczema, and psoriasis. It is immensely possible this is what is "monkey pox"
  • ·        The WHO Emergency Committee voted against declaring this a emergency 9 to 6. Tedros declared it himself

There you have it. Monkey business: Another opportunity to earn money and harass people.