Toxic relationships are difficult to handle


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We have all experienced people who are self centered and are unable to think beyond them; people who delight in dominating and belittling others, people who take that domination to sadistic levels. We have also experienced being totally ignored as if we did not exist. We have experienced being utilized and exploited by people in power.

We find ourselves being forced to experience such toxic relationships. They begin in the family, extend to the workplace, involve strangers, and even very trusted people. Such relationships seem to have a life of their own. They are therefore very tough to tackle.

There are also instances where we are repelled by people without any seeming cause. These people can be family members and close relatives. The toxicity therefore lingers and is difficult to shake off. You can suffer this for a lifetime.

How do we deal with such relationships? If they are not a power relation we can avoid them, stop thinking about them, try to build defenses, strengthen our minds, and even pray for them.

But if such relations rule over you and you are dependent on them things become really difficult. Your parents, your boss, your husband or wife are good examples. It is as if you are undergoing an experience you are doomed to.

We know people who have completely broken down and even committed suicide unable to deal with such situations. Many become angry, bitter, and develop intense hatred and loathing. Negativity peeks from every corner of their existence. Classic examples of how people fall sick and lives are destroyed.

Here we need external help. We can reach out to other family members, friends, relatives and genuine counselors. The key is to separate oneself but in India it is not easy to do so.

Such suffering is often carried within and eats the innards of the unfortunate victim. There are innumerable cases where the subjects do not receive help. People around them see, hear and feel everything but continue as if the problem did not exist.

Life can be really difficult when it decides to do so. Only a caring society can address these problems. We can be individually happy only when the collective is happy.