Carrying wounds of life


Life is a series of happenings and not all are pleasant. We are dragged into events that stab us. The memories of such events can haunt us for a lifetime. There are also stresses that we encounter in daily life. They too stay with us, stored in our physical form.

What do we do about such memories and the stress that accumulates?

We react differently. Some can get past them. But many are unable to shrug them off. Either the memories are too strong and have entered deep, or we carry them with us because we somehow blame ourselves too and feel the pain is our punishment. We can also make such memories a part of our lives because they become a part of our existence and we feel incomplete without them. Clinging to painful memories and ruminating on them is more common than the forgetting.

There are also issues like not loving ourselves; our qualities and appearance. We somehow feel that the way we are represented on earth is not our real self. We are better, beautiful and yet the face in the mirror does not reflect that reality. For many life has been very traumatic and we do not know how to deal with the experience.

These situations can be very difficult to tackle. They can be the hell on earth that we often talk about.

I have witnessed people narrate such experiences before Chakradhar. After listening to them he would say, "I can understand what you have gone through. But now it is over. Move on."

This indeed is the way to deal with bitter memories but how many can and will move on? Those who have a flow on their lives can do so. But for some life seems to stop after such incidents and the flow is missing. What can they do? They seem stuck with their pain.

They can be helped by friends who can guide them and help bring them into the mainstream. The other path may involve visiting psychiatrists who put them on medications that can exacerbate the situation. Others can fall into the snares of commercial entities posing as God men. They can encounter people who may exploit them further.

Ultimately it is the person itself who has to extricate himself. In India there was a system of education that truly empowered people. But today the education is about earning your money, a task that makes one thoroughly unprepared for the battles of life; within and without. Youngsters today rush in into terrible situations simply because they are ignorant of how to live and what to live for. We see lives being destroyed everywhere. Suicides are a very unfortunate fall out.

There is another form of medication. Homeopathy can help with painful memories and the consequences of unfortunate events in life. The remedies like Natrum Mur and Ignatia have given new lives to such people.

Natrum Mur helps those who cling to painful memories because they get accustomed and it even brings some kind of satisfaction to them. Ignatia is for those who stoically carry the wound within and the only external signs can be going into solitude and sighing. There are many other remedies too.

Chiropractors also help release such memories and experiences through body work. Bach flower remedies can address such issues as also other flower essences. Prayers and confessions can also help release the burden. Attending kirtan or chanting sessions are another way.

The important thing is self initiative and getting the chance to get out of the awkward situation. Clinging to the past is a great obstacle. That obstacle needs to be crossed.