What are patients concerned about?


Who will listen to the concerns of the public? Who will address them?

The people are concerned about extremely high incidence of disease. They are concerned about rising medical costs. They are concerned about open loot in private medical establishments. They are concerned about dacoity in corporate hospitals. They are concerned about not finding relief from chronic ailments and having to perennially take costly medications.

They are concerned about doctors abandoning common sense health aiding modalities to adopt those methods that benefit them and the industry. They are concerned about medical scandals that regularly hit the headlines. They are concerned about attitudes of doctors if patients dare suggest something different from what is forced on them.

They are shocked about doctors remaining silent and even abetting practices that are proven harmful. They are shocked about medical associations and international medical agencies being funded by the industry and transforming into marketing agencies for their products.

They are shocked that the doctors are very happy and comfortable about the growing network of targets, commissions and kickbacks that has become the norm of the profession. They are shocked that the financial backgrounds of patients are first inquired into before the treatment is decided.

They are shocked that medicine is today the third largest killer worldwide and yet there are no protests and resignations. They are shocked that despite all of these concerns governments bow down before the diktats of doctors and their associations without a thought about the plight of patients and the increasing epidemics of chronic diseases, disorders, disabilities and cancers that are being attributed to genes whereas the science is clear that genetic epidemics cannot occur and that genetic disorders cannot manifest without external influences.

The public has always been forgiving. But the system has always licked the ass of the industry to further livelihoods and income. This unfortunately is the bitter truth that society is finding it difficult to digest.