Surrendering to the universal consciousness


(Image from the internet)

Knowing how to surrender and to whom is how you win the coming war. Surrender is how to exist in the coming times without being torn apart by the events that occur.

The visible world is the waves in the ocean. The reality is the depths of the same ocean. Both are in essence real. The waves create the sense of activity. They think they are separate from each other and the ocean resulting in unending clashes. This is the work of the ego. The ego is the false sense of individuality and separation.

The waves tend to rise up. They are disappointed that they are unable to reach the highest point. They subside with the sense of that failure hoping to rise again. That hope is the rope that binds. That desire is the work of Maya the illusory force that keeps us attached to the illusory world.

The waves clash against each other and create foam. The foam is a bunch of bubbles created by the demolished waves. The bubbles are the unending flow of suffering that waves are subjected to.

Peace is non existent in the surface of the ocean. It is fully present in the innards of that same ocean. The wave that subsides without the hope of return after uncountable attempts at reaching unattainable heights realizes that it is at peace in the depths of the ocean and that it is the ocean. This is surrender and realization.

Life is like a stone thrown upwards. The stone enjoys the upward journey hoping to rise more and more and then it dreads the fall, turning from the peak. However it is the fall that leads it back to the earth where it belongs. This is similar to what we are feeling now as we witness the crashing civilization. The result of this fall will lead us to the next phase where we will be closer to our natural state.

How do we tolerate this stage and not be torn apart by what is happening and the extreme events that are due? The trick is to surrender and dive deep. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes.

You are not the piece of flesh that you think you are. You are not the mind that continually frightens you. You are not the bunch of emotions that swing you from pleasure to pain and back again. These are temporary in nature. You are beyond all of this. You are the ocean of which you think you are the wave.

Hold on to the idea that you are the ocean. Refuse to be entangled by the show that runs in front of you. Do whatever you feel that is right but with detachment. You have a duty that brought you to this world. That duty will be fulfilled by the power that runs the world. Therefore work without the sense of doership.

Ramana Maharshi had a wonderful analogy about this world. He said, "You are in Ramanashrama (the place where Ramana Maharshi lived). You fall asleep and dream that you have travelled thousands of miles to a strange world. You encounter many experiences good and bad. Disheartened you seek the peace of Ramañashrama again. With great difficulty you turn back and undergo the arduous struggle on the return journey. As you reach Ramanashrama your dream breaks. You realize that you were always in Ramanashrama. The entire episode was false. You were always where you are."

Witness whatever happens. Do what you have come to do. Realize that nothing is happening, it is all a dream. That is how you work unhindered and protect yourself from the shocks that come.

There is a force protecting and guiding you. It can work better if you abandon your ego. You have to accept Krishna as the Charioteer if you want to win this Mahabharata. The war is destined, the result is predetermined. Obey the highest intelligence by surrendering yourself to it.