Karmic consequences of practicing bad medicine


The medical profession has a great responsibility on its shoulders. It has the ability to render help. It also has the ability to do incalculable harm. Currently medicine has deeply impacted people, changed the very concept of humanity and wayward human beings are destroying each other and plundering the planet.

It is not that the practitioners are not realizing this. But like zombies they are sticking to the path not having the courage to change track.

What is the karmic aspect of willful wrong medication and consequent medical harm? In Ayurvedic texts dealing with medical ethics I remember reading texts warning practitioners about the spiritual consequences of being negligent.

I initially thought they were just warnings. But then I read scriptural texts where vaidyas are warned that willful medical negligence has a very heavy price. I don't remember the exact text (maybe quoted in a book by Swami Vishnudevananda of the Divine Life Society) but it warns that for such practitioners it becomes very difficult to acquire a body post death. Not just a human body but any kind of body.

This is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual punishments. Such spirits stay in the lowest realms where they suffer endlessly. As those realms are extremely dense and painful compassionate beings from other realms find it difficult to enter them and deliver those souls.

These realms are described in the séance writings recorded in the book "The Laws of the Spirit World". It is a very popular book and translated into several languages. They were psychically conveyed to an Indian lady Khorshid Bhavnagri by her two sons who died in an accident.

I have read literature on the subject and I am extremely  surprised to see the glaring similarities in the various texts on the subject. There is a great need to be aware of other dimensions and follow the rules of this dimension where we are deputed at present. These rules were ingrained in us when we were in sync with nature. They were a part of our conscience.

Just as we have natural laws and instincts there are also spiritual worlds and laws. Our life is not complete unless we inquire and know about the totality of our existence.

Health, happiness, and harmony cannot come with fractured knowledge. It is good to be of this world but it is a great mistake to think of it as all we have. We are merely travelers having to go through physical experiences.

The world is like a classroom. The physical existence and experiences are required to proceed from one spiritual dimension to another. To proceed from one dimension to another one needs to incarnate in and go through the physical dimension. Natural civilizations instinctively know this. In this age that knowledge is lost leading to a hedonistic culture.

After this civilization falls very high and exalted spiritual beings will once again take birth around 2035 to rekindle the flame and retrieve the lost knowledge.

But we have to bear the burden of our karma. Like Newtons third law of motion the law of karma is inevitable. It is a program that does not have any provision to interfere and change. Even great souls shiver when they think of it.