We forget that we are one


We are one.

There was only the one in the beginning. It decided to become many. But in doing so it did not change its nature. It remained the one. That one is benevolent in essence. That benevolence is more powerful, brighter, and more intelligent than the evil and darkness that threatens to engulf us today. That benevolence exists in all creatures’ great and small.

Love, it is said, is the basis of the universe.

The East must rise and shine by remembering its intense spiritual heritage. The West must once again establish itself in the strong morality and ethics that is its core. It is only when we shake off the shackles of this despicable civilization that we can overcome.

Now is not the time to brandish our differences. It is the time to open our eyes and see the structure that stands before us built by money and the plans of a few who feel they own the world and its inhabitants. It is time for us to recognize the real nature of those that own the money, the financial structures and processes that ensnared us and made us believe that going against our innate nature, destroying our sacred relationship with the living and loving world around us, turning against our neighbors, would build a world to cherish.

It is time to know and understand how that false vision was built into us by an education system build on utter falsehood, by religions that have been corrupted, projected by purchased media, shaped by symbolism on big screens, and brought to us by devices designed to deceive. We were foolish to think that violating natural and cosmic laws could lead to happiness. We were foolish to believe those who have assiduously built this artificial world have genuine feelings for us. We have been fodder for their schemes. Now we are fodder for our own destruction.

What matters today is the need to link ourselves to that reality that lies within each of us. The immediate future is not good yes. But if it was built on an illusion it remains an illusion. It will not last. If it hurts us today it is because our own actions are coming to haunt us. Today our own actions can decide what our future will be. Should we remain slaves or should we reclaim the kingdom that is ours?

Rebel against the evil everywhere by refusing to accept it. Conserve your strength for the coming battle. That battle is between good and evil. It will frighten us because evil has found a place within us; because we have supported evil to achieve our six seconds of fame. Because we have used it to amass wealth we thought would last forever. All of that will crumble because evil does not have a foundation. It is a shadow that deceives.

Do not be afraid if you lose everything. For it is when everything is lost that everything is gained. We have to lose the illusion of the false separate self to be born again. That time has come.

Have you prayed today? Have you remembered Him who you came to this world to search for and gain? There is nothing to repent for such are His ways. We are but His instruments. The darkness exists for the light to reveal itself. Do not get weighed down by the past. The past has gone. The future is yours.

This is a spiritual journey where we are all together. Together we will overcome. Let us turn towards each other. Let us revive our relationships. The Lord dwells in each of us. He is now expressing Himself through a crisis that has come to heal.