Medicine needs to change. It must change.


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In a local TV debate the doctor I was responding to admitted that viruses cannot be isolated and the virus theory is full of assumptions.

The germ and virus theory is why 95.4% of the world is sick and 54% of children suffer chronic disorders. Unless this theory is rejected and the discoveries in the fields of cellular health, microbiome and mycobiome, epigenetics, circadian rhythm, mind body medicine, chaos theory of health and the concepts of energy and vitality are adopted we cannot restore health.

That toxicity (physical and mental), waste accumulation, profligate lives and the consequences, mental pressures and shocks, lack of proper food and nutrition, and the modern medical atrocities are behind the current plagues of chronic degenerative diseases is very obvious. It is absolutely foolish to deny it.

Medicine is not a science in the way it is deemed to be. It is the art of observation, intuition, learning, and experience. The body knows how to stay healthy and also how to heal itself. It is the duty of the physician to understand this. Without this understanding one cannot be a healer.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Rockefeller medicine has caused mayhem. People who have understood this have extricated themselves from the mess. Through a proper understanding many have cured or tremendously improved their state of health after being given grim diagnoses by the mainstream.

The concept of acute disease must be understood. Acute diseases are in themselves the cure. They are how the body heals itself. Pathogens are cleansing agents. Once this is understood the true face of the germ and virus theory becomes abundantly clear.

We must understand the role of pathogens.

Phagocytes, bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi are the body's clean up agents. They clean waste, toxins, and dead tissue. This role is also amply observed in nature.

All acute diseases are about elimination and cleansing. The elimination and cleansing symptoms must be allowed till the time they may become life threatening. The body itself has a regulatory mechanism and will regulate its actions. The fevers will reach a height and will climb down, diarrhea stops after the elimination need is over.

After any viral disease (viruses clean extreme toxins), a bacterial wave comes to clean up the debris. This bacterial wave too must be allowed as it is beneficial for the body. When the bacterial wave is interfered with, or is unable to complete the job, the role of fungi and parasites come into play.

People die and suffer only because this simple rule is not observed. Today's medicine is interference friendly as the objective is to sell medications. It prefers not to understand the working and healing capacity of the body. All of this knowledge was eliminated by the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research that changed the way medicine and medical practitioners operated.

We must observe external nature to know the internal workings of the body. Both follow the same pattern. Those into organic farming and permaculture methods understand health just because they are accustomed to the principles of nature.

In agriculture, the role of soil bacteria, fungi, insects, and parasites are appreciated. Without these elements soil fertility and health is impossible. Similarly the research into the science of microbiome and mycobiome reveal the tremendous role of bacteria and pathogens in the body. Without them we cannot function. Without them there can be no life.

Considering that today's misguided medicine is gaining tremendous powers (through the upcoming Pandemic Treaty and the passing of the Public Health Bill in India), we must go all out to oppose a system that is thoroughly unscientific and decidedly harmful. It is the single largest threat to life and health.

Viruses can cause tissue damage. But that is because it seeks to clean the body of heavy metals and strong toxins that get accumulated in deep tissue, and spinal matter. The risk factor here is the toxins, not the virus engaged in a cleansing job.

You don't wage a war against the body; particularly if you feel you are a part of the healing initiative.

A system that seeks health will never recklessly use an arsenal of chemical drugs and compositions of heavy metals and obnoxious substances. People are being drugged and forgotten. This is a far cry from the days when the MBBS doctor used to prescribe a generic medicine or two when forced to, followed by the advice of drinking plenty of water to flush the chemicals out.

The system is creating disease and then managing it for profit. It is amazing that people are not able to realize it.

The mind and body are a single unit. Treatments that are not in line with holistic principles have a devastating impact on the mind.

The present system deals with extreme toxicity and yet does not have any detoxification protocol! It is no wonder the poisoned body is giving up the ghost.

Prevention ought to be about cleaning up the environment, fixing the system of growing and consuming food, and teaching the philosophy of life to people. Treatment should begin with detoxification, followed by nutrition, and if required restoration of health through judicious use of the elements and herbs. Awareness on health issues is a must as well as the ways and means to stay healthy using the basic resources available. A person ought to be his or her own doctor.

We need change. The excuses can no longer be accepted.