On the subject of Dharma


Dharma is not imposed. It is revealed. When Dharma is strong it is self revealing. That age is called Satya Yuga or the age of truth. As this age wears off and people veer towards worldliness, Dharma needs support. A section obeys Dharma and their actions reveal it. They preach by actions without any thought of reward.

With the marauding progress of time Dharma becomes a burden. In the Kali Yuga or age of falsehood Dharma is abandoned and the deceiving world embraced in toto. The upholders of Dharma are no longer able to bear the burden and forget their vows. Life becomes easy but all rules are broken. The beneficial aspects of the visible world are neglected and exploited. The structures weaken. And yet human beings feel everything is perfect.

Those speaking the truth are reviled and despised. Those spreading and strengthening the lies are rewarded. Adharma or the antagonist of Dharma takes on a life of its own and rules.

People seem to think they have the freedom to do as they please. But their actions become the rope that binds and drags the world towards the ultimate destruction.

Adharma always flourishes for a brief period. It unwittingly becomes the bestower of the results of past karma. The consequences of Adharma teaches one the value of Dharma. People start repenting their actions as they face the monumental troubles imposed by Adharma.

Realization dawns. The weakened structures then fall leading to great destruction and the fall of the false civilization.

When will we realize the value of Dharma? The Mother of Pondicherry had foreseen the destruction looming ahead and cried out in anguish, "If only man would consent to be spiritualized!" Spirituality or looking beyond the veil of ignorance does not come easy. The Mother had further revealed, "It is only when everything is lost that everything is gained."

Sri Aurobindo has defined the value of destruction and pain. "Pain is the hands of nature sculpting man to greatness. An inspiring labour chisels with merciless cruelty the unwilling mold. The fiery spirit grows in strength within and feels a joy with every titan pang."

The days of reckoning are at hand. Do not be disheartened by the pain that accompanies. Bear it with fortitude with the name of God on your lips. You are being prepared for the golden age that is waiting its turn. First the mountain of lies need to collapse. You ought to know that whatever is false will be chiseled away. Truth alone will survive.