How to stop the next pandemic


Hon'ble Dr Bill Gates, the world's greatest doctor as per Google search has come out with a book titled how to stop the next pandemic. He stresses on financing, technology, networks, and his favourite product now coming in a form that can get ready in 100 days; trial and all.

He is joking. He has no intention of stopping any pandemic. He has already laid the foundation for a myriad diseases striking the planet for the next 100 years. His book is for marketing the various products that pharma is now busy conjuring for they have a more than fair idea of what is coming. Bill wants the world to invest in those networks and products which in turn will create the market for plenty more. That is how pharma works. That is how the chain of marketers, sellers, lobbyists, fellows, and scholarship holders earn and profit.

But what really can stop pandemics?


This simple fact is ignored. Health would be great for the people but it will decimate the industry and destroy the economy surrounding suffering and disease. Health is clearly not wanted by those who have sold their souls to this industry.

How can health come about? Very easy.

- We need to follow the natural laws of health; eating, sleeping, and waking on time; being exposed to elements; doing physical work

- We need to take care of food and nutrition

- We need to take care of sewerage and sanitation

- We need to stop depending on toxic chemicals

- We need to understand the natural processes of the body and the value of acute disease

- We need to take care of nature

- We need to take care of the other life forms

- We need to be honest and ethical

- We should keep each other happy

- We should engage ourselves in fruitful pursuits

- Above five points would release the happy hormones that are the body's pharmacy

But doing all of the above is what is not easy. Our present world has developed and is developing on the assumption that these are not necessary. Modern medical science would term it as quackery.

Standing on the brink of extinction; threatened by disease, war and natural calamities, it is time to put a brake on the mindless ventures of the modern world. Maybe if we can all stand up in unison and refuse to participate things would change.