The Climate Change Conundrum


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The climate has changed. Changes in weather pattern that persist for a duration of 10 years or more is termed climate change. India has been witnessing changing weather patterns for over a decade.

In Odisha people became aware of the issue since 1998 when an unprecedented heat wave claimed more than 1200 lives. The super cyclone that followed in 1999 and claimed more than 10,000 lives made people sit up and take notice.

Climate change impacts are pronounced in the coastal districts of Odisha. Rising temperatures, erratic rainfall, increase in frequency of cyclones, and an advancing sea are attributed to be the impacts of climate change.

The cause of climate change is attributed to anthropogenic or human activities. It is said that burning of fossil fuels and industrial emissions have led to increase in greenhouse gases; particularly carbon dioxide. Methane, a greenhouse gas is emitted by livestock.

These gasses form a layer in the atmosphere and reflect back the sun's heat bouncing off the earth's atmosphere to create what is termed global warming. The solution being proposed is completely eliminating carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030.

By doing so it is claimed we can continue our activities on earth and yet become free of climate change impacts.

The issue of climate change has become controversial as critics point out;

- This is not the first time we are facing changes in climate

- Historically the world has moved between warm and cold stages. Warm stages have been followed by periods of very low temperature called mini ice ages. Then again temperatures have risen to ensure normal life for the warm blooded

- There can also be other causes of climate change like emissions from volcanic eruptions and even heating up of the earth's crust

- Climate depends on solar activity

- Carbon dioxide is a natural component of the planet. It is essential for vegetation which consumes it to produce oxygen. For the benefits of Carbon Dioxide please go through this article;  

- If man is indeed to blame we must reduce the emissions caused by the greedy rich whose activities contribute to greenhouse gases

- It is foolish to say that we can just suck carbon dioxide from the air and continue as usual

- Nature has its own corrective mechanism. There will be no runaway impacts unchecked by nature

- Instead of a boiling planet what we may witness is a drastic cooling leading to another mini ice age for the planet to recoup

- Climate change is an agenda to enforce a new world order that will have a drastic effect on the population of the planet


- The climate will continue to change regardless of human activities

- Conserving the resources of the planet is the responsibility of the ultra rich and not the poor

- The problem is greed that has been injected into the planet so that people consume more than the need to enable corporate entities to grow and profit

- What is needed is a change in outlook and adopt the sustainable methods that existed before the present hedonistic civilization

We must be wary of the no longer hidden agenda.