If you are troubled by the door to door vaccination program


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*Door to door vaccine campaign.*

The news about launching door to door campaign to identify those who have not taken the vaccine and those who are disinclined to take the second dose has created both fear and resentment among the people of Odisha.

This decision also goes against constitutional rights, patient rights, privacy rights, and medical ethics.

- The Constitution vide Articles 14 and 21 provides right to life, liberty and equality (non discrimination). Neither the Government nor any Court can go against these rights.

- A patient has the right to choose the method of treatment

- A patient has the right to informed consent. This involves revealing known and unknown probable risks, and alternatives in a manner that is fully understood by the subject. After being informed about the risks the subject has to decide. He has the right to refuse. The doctors and health care workers are bound to accept the decision.

- In case of an unapproved intervention provided only emergency use authorization it is mandatory to provide informed consent

- The patient has the right to refuse

Doctors and healthcare workers are under oath to;

- First do no harm

- Provide informed consent

- Not to infringe upon and violate any right of the patient under any circumstances

- Ensure privacy of medical data and information

- It is up to the people to reveal their vaccination status. They can refuse to declare it under the Right to Privacy. No one can force them.

If a patient is forced to undertake any medical intervention or procedure it amounts to physical assault. It is a criminal offence and punishable.

The Govt of India has always maintained that;

- Vaccination is voluntary

- As the vaccine is voluntary the patient is not entitled to any compensation

- There will be no discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated

It has repeatedly asserted this on its websites, while replying to RTI, and recently while responding to the Order of the High Court of Goa.

And yet;

- Offices, both Govt and private, are mandating vaccines

- Educational institutions are mandating 

- Collectors are mandating 

- Panchayats are mandating 

- Travel restrictions are being imposed on unvaccinated

- Entry into Temples is being restricted

- People are being denied basic amenities

All of these are illegal and can be challenged in a Court.

The disease however;

- Has a case fatality rate of 0.97% in India where it has practically disappeared and as per reports become endemic. Currently there is no logic for imposing the Epidemics Act or the Disaster Management Act.

- It has an infection fatality rate of 0.3% according to CDC

- Sero studies have revealed up to 73% of the population and 60% of children have acquired natural immunity

- In New Delhi 97% of the population and 8 in 10 children have acquired natural immunity

- Dozens of studies have pointed out natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity

- Natural immunity protects against virus, variants and even other viruses

- It is long term. People still retain the natural immunity from the Sars epidemic in 2003

- Vaccine immunity is waning and is about 4 months now, and 3rd and 4th booster shots are being recommended

- It is not wise to vaccinate people who have been exposed to the disease and acquired natural immunity. It exposes them to more serious disease and developing other viral diseases

- Booster shots will further aggravate the situation

- In Israel, UK, Singapore and even in India it is the vccinated who are falling sick, being hospitalized and are dying. Ms Mamata Bannerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, has declared this and brought the debate into the political arena. There has been no response to her queries

The Govt has gone against public interest by;

- Not undertake active surveillance of vaccine adverse effects

- Not declaring the numbers of dead and affected

- Not releasing the list of affected cases and the nature of the injury

- There are instances of people wanting to record adverse effects being turned away

- The communication lines to record adverse effects are not working

- It is also yet to release the clinical trial data to doctors who wish to independently study them

What further worries the public is media reports about hospitals informing;

- Increase in numbers of heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest

- Increase in blood clotting events

- Increase in incidence of neurological disorders like Guillain Barre Syndrome and Bells Palsy

All three are acknowledged adverse effects.

One wonders why this campaign continues despite so many concerns.

What should the citizen do?

Who will guide the common man?

Who will protect the common man?

Even Courts have refused to help by stopping the campaign till the physical trials are formally over.

These are dark days for populations already breaking under a slew of diseases they were not born with.

What if they arrive at your door?

- Do not be belligerent or impolite

- Do not refuse outright if there is pressure

- Record the interaction on video

- Seek the names of the persons and their designations

- Ask to see the order based on which they have come to your door

Ask these questions;

- Whether the intervention is mandatory or voluntary

- What were the adverse effects noted during clinical trial?

- What are the adverse effects observed after the implementation (during the last 10 months). How many have died, been permanently disabled, been hospitalized, rendered sick? (Be specific and demand the answer. Don't be distracted by statements like 'Oh the risks are negligible, you need not worry')

- What are the contraindications as per the manufacturers? Who should not take it?

- Is it possible that I can die, be rendered permanently or temporarily disabled, be hospitalized, or fall seriously sick after taking it? Take answers in yes/no

- What will be the compensation if I die after taking it?

- Will a member of my family be ensured employment if I die?

- If I die, become disabled, be hospitalized, or develop any disease after taking it, who will be responsible and against whom can I/ my family members proceed legally against?

- What is the case fatality rate of the disease, and also the infection fatality rate in India?

- Can one derive natural immunity from the disease?

- Is it possible to develop the disease, be hospitalized and die due to it even after after taking it?

- If you do not want it, at this point state emphatically and specifically, articulate clearly that the intervention has serious risk, that there is no provision to compensate, and there is no guarantee of protection, therefore (if) you are unwilling to take the risk because you value your life and health, and the welfare of your family members, therefore you are not willing to take it. State that under Constitutional and patient rights you have the right to decide for yourself and the right to refuse

- If you have any allergy, autoimmune disorder that is listed as a contraindication, state that also as a reason

- Inform that if you are administered the product which has the risk of death and serious injury it will be considered an attempt to murder/ physical assault and this is a criminal offence punishable by law

If there is an elderly/ extremely sick person/ mentally unstable member in your household do this on behalf of her/him.

Do not forget to get the information recorded on video. Ask your family members to record. This will be your evidence.

How to protect yourself from harm if you are forced under circumstances to take it?

There are disturbing reports from hospitals in India.

- Sudden cardiac arrest is on the rise

- Heart ailments are increasing

- Brain strokes are rising 

- Abnormal blood clotting is being noticed

- Neurological disorders, particularly Bells Palsy (facial paralysis) & Guillain Barre Syndrome cases are increasing

Our ladies are facing many problems they are reluctant to share. Of the 11 crore (more than a billion) who have refused to take the second offering I can wager the majority are women. In my state a lady has committed suicide as her husband was adamant she take the second.

What else can we expect?

- A steep rise in cases of cancers

- Psychiatric ailments ranging from insanity to cases resembling Parkinsons and Alzheimers

- People are already suffering from brain fog in very large numbers

- A rise in criminal activity, particularly directed against women

- Autoimmune disorders

- A steep rise in infectious disease like ailments as immunity is being undermined

- Increase in number of deaths

- Both blood clotting and bleeding problems

- Ladies will face a host of problems

- Increase in reproductive issues

The future is bleak for the 60% who have got the real product in both the cases.

So what do they do?

- The body will try to detoxify with the usual acute symptoms. It will not be wise to suppress the process

- One should go in for naturopathic or Panchakarma detoxification

- Six monthly D Dimer testing is recommended to know about clotting problems

- One should eat real nutritious food, raw food as much as possible

- Undertake intermittent fasting; long fasts are more effective but can be undertaken only under supervision

- Take medications like Arjunarishta etc under the care of an ayurvedic healer

- You can try Quercetin/ grape seed extract to ensure good blood circulation

- Vitamin E can help

In short be aware and take good care of yourself.

How to detoxify?

Detoxification is about eliminating the toxins. The body does it best and most of the symptoms post injection are elimination symptoms like diarrhoea/ dysentery, vomiting, colds coughs, skin eruptions and fever. These should be allowed to the extent possible.

They may also repeat as it is not possible to eliminate all toxins in one go. Here we have to strengthen the body with proper nourishment so that the body is able to perform the task.

One can take the help of ayurveds, homeopaths, and naturopaths to detoxify. It is always better to take the help of established systems.

To all those who have taken one injection please stop there and don't go in for the next.

For all;

- D Dimer tests

- Heart check ups

Every six months.

You can go in for vitamin therapy.

- Vitamin B

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin D

Don't overdo synthetic vitamins. Try to get from natural sources

Take Arjunarishta regularly to help with the blood flow.

You need to change your lifestyle to stay healthy. The ingredients of the injections within you should make you mindful about health.

Exercise with caution. Pranayam can be done.

Not all will die?

Sure. Not all. Many will live to experience serious adverse effects.

- Damage to blood vessels

- Heart and brain damage

- Liver and kidney damage

- Perpetual seizures

- Paralysis

- Cancers

- Hearing and sight disorders

- Neurological disorders

- Autoimmune disorders

- Reproductive disorders

- Psychiatric and cognitive disorders

Things will go beyond this. We are yet to understand the impacts of the novel ingredients and the "contaminants".

We live in an extremely toxic environment and are already harmed beyond redemption. More toxins are on the anvil. A novel communication system will have its impact. The synergy of these will keep mankind intensely sick and subjugated.

There is no detoxification protocol.

There is intent to harm.