Food & Habitat Safety


Food & Habitat Safety.

If you attend organic farming camps the farmers will tell you how you can determine if the produce is organic.

- The fruits and vegetables should have marks of insects and pests

- If you keep the produce outside flies should come and sit on it

Similarly to know if a house is safe for living, it should contain spiders, lizards, ants and cockroaches.

For those who have lived in villages, the presence of birds, snakes, frogs, and earthworms are a welcome sight for farmers as they know these are great agricultural workers as they do away with rodents and pests and help irrigate and nourish the land.

The great agricultural sage Nammalvar Garu used to teach us how to ensure that all are taken care of.

In a paddy field;

- The grain is for men and birds

- The chaff is for cattle and roofs of houses

- The roots are for creatures living in the soil and for the soil itself to increase its fertility. Today we know this as soil carbon.

Wisdom comes from living with nature and her inhabitants. When you know the symbiosis between different elements you treat everyone with respect and gain from feeding and caring for all.