C Crisis: A World War is Upon Us.


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World War.

Yesterday while declaring the lockdown the Chief Secretary of our State formally declared that this is war. And war it is. The most complex and convoluted war the world has ever faced. It is a physical mental and spiritual war.

The physical component is about the diseases that will be continually inflicted on society, natural disasters, full blown wars, skirmishes, civil riots, protests, lack of vital resources like food and water, and the shock of the new world order where you will be reduced to a pauper, enslaved and be at the mercy of sadists.

Mentally it is about capturing your minds with the support of media and industry educated and dominated experts. It is also about the art of keeping calm in the midst of a ferocious tornado. You will see good friends becoming enemies, strangers becoming friends, people disbelieving and distrusting you unable to discern what is right and what is wrong, becoming the object of ridicule, and emerging a winner under very difficult circumstances. It is about all masks falling off as you realize with horror that you have been living in an illusory world and that the very people you were trained to trust have been the cause why you are facing a great danger. You need to go against your education and convictions to win this war. The reality is actually the mirror image of what you imagined till now.

You will also fight against yourself as you see yourself poised against your own wishes and ambitions. This war is a whirlwind that will see improbable people fighting for causes that they never nurtured. In such circumstances one should focus on the fight at hand and pray that other issues are resolving themselves being fought by people who have the job well cut out.

It is a spiritual war because you are fighting real demonic forces who have dominance, arrogance, falsehood, and hatred as their weapons. They are very powerful and the opposition is scattered and confused. You have to fight it with truth, simplicity, love and prayers that emerge from the depth of your soul.

There will be warriors at every stage. People chosen to be born in this age so they can fight the most difficult fight they have ever fought. It is the Supreme who is fighting through them, guiding their actions and showing them the way. Under them are ordinary people who will be forced to fight as they see everything taken away from them. It will be a messy war but victory of good over evil is certain.

We are not the physical frame that we suppose we are. We are the consciousness that alone exists. We are the most powerful force in the universe. Our opponents are a shadow we imagine to be real; a Phoenix that is destined to rise, torment, and then fall to be reduced to ashes.

Victory is ours.

Spiritual warfare.

How do we fight this war as a spiritual warrior? For this we need to know what spirituality is. Spirituality is the destruction of everything phenomenal that we hold dear and stand naked before the Lord. It is realizing that the world is a play on the screen of consciousness and that we are the screen. It is about waking up to the fact that only one entity exists - Sat Chid Ananda - Existence Consciousness Bliss - and the seeming differentiation is a mirage. In essence we are all one.

On the surface it will seem that if that is the case then why fight? This question is replied by Sri Krishna in The Holy Geeta. When we are in this world it is our duty to do our assigned work. The knowledge that we are eternal provides us the strength we require and enables us to sacrifice everything to reach the goal. It also makes us desire less. Once we are desire less we become empty and the Supreme starts working through us.

The words, "Shed all your inhibitions and doubts and fight O Arjuna" should resonate in our ears. For in this battle we are all Arjunas. We should align ourselves on the side of Dharma and fight adharma.

The situation is made more complicated by the words of Mahasambhuti Chakradhar. He has classified the fight as between Positivity and Negativity. "I alone exist. Positivity and Negativity are two arms of mine. I know when to employ both. This time I will work through Negativity because that is the shortest path to the goal." In short this will be a no holds barred fight.

After he arrived Mahasambhuti Chakradhar declared war on the negative forces. He declared that all Gods have been dethroned and he has taken over the reins. He is the Chakradhari - the holder of the all powerful cyclical force that controls the world. He was in this mother’s womb for 12 years for he needed a body that would bring the Chakra into this world. With his passing he has left the Chakra in this world. All the turbulence you now witness is this Chakra - the tremendous force that is spinning relentlessly to resolve all unresolved issues, to pay each his due, remove all obstacles on the path of Dharma, and establish the new world.

The old house has to be broken down to build the new. Do not expect the present civilization to survive. Do not expect the present structures to survive. Do not expect the present thought processes to survive. Everything will be mercilessly swept away.

Standing before sure death our only recourse is action. This is the time to act on the side of the deprived - the Pandavas. They had a small army but the Lord as their Charioteer. The Lord broke all rules, acted against the mighty that chose to support adharma and despite their stature killed them one by one to establish Dharma. The present situation is no different. You may be the most lofted spiritual personality, the most sought after person in society, but your end is certain if you do not align yourself on the side of Dharma.

Let us participate in this MahaYuddh - described as Maha Vishwa by Chakradhar - and earn endless merit that will augur well in our future incarnations.

Har Har Mahadev.

MahaSambhuti Chakradhar ki Jay.