C Crisis: What you can do to protect yourself.


What am I doing?

Many have asked me what precautions am I taking. My disadvantages are my impaired state of health, chronic anxiety, and inactivity as I suffer from serious neuro-muscular problems. But I have not deviated a lot for tackling what is here. I am continuing with my old practices which I think should suffice.

- I have a habit of regularly taking Amla (Indian gooseberry) tablets or powder twice a day. The body does not produce Vit C

- I have always focussed on detoxification and so I take neem and manjistha based preparations now and then. Remember detoxification is a MUST. If you do it yourself the body does not have to take it up

- I am a diabetic. A herbal medicine I take has ingredients like Andrographis Paniculata and Triphala which are also good for C and detoxification, and are also great anti parasitic

- For my insomnia I take a herbal preparation that contains herbs like Brahmi and Ashwagandha

- I take the golden milk formula - milk with turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, ginger powder, and cumin powder at night. Not a purchased combination but prepared at home. Helps me sleep. This is a great protective and anti inflammatory preparation

- I ensure I don't suffer from constipation. I take water whenever I feel thirsty. If you keep your bowels in good condition you will not have parasitical activity in your body

- I take very simple food and try to avoid taking non veg - which is difficult to avoid when I am on tour. I never over eat. The moment I feel I have taken enough I stop

- Almond and cashew nuts are my favourite. I take a few everyday. They are rich in Zinc

- I take BC 28 tablets every day. This combination contains all the biochemic tissue salts of Schussler

- I message my head and body with oil before I take a bath. I use sesame oil. I stand under the Sun for sometime before the bath. I think it takes care of Vitamin D

- I always remember MahaSambhuti Chakradhar, Sri Ramakrishna, and Sri Ramana Maharshi as I am devoted to them. It is my habit to read books on spirituality

- It is a regular practice with me to reflect on the temporary nature of this world and on the inevitable outcome of death

- I have the habit of being a witness to whatever happens around me

The only thing I have added is take Anu Taila in the nostrils twice a day. Besides its filtering and protective abilities it is also good for anxiety and insomnia, and pollution as well. Those who do not have access can use sesame or mustard oil instead. I have also started taking 1/4th tsp of ginger powder on the tip of my tongue. After it dissolves I swallow it. For half an hour after this I don’t take water or food.

I don't watch TV. I read the newspaper to keep abreast of developments as I am called to TV programs and webinars.

I am fortunate to live in the outskirts of a not so polluted city. The administration here is a notch over the rest. Ever since the second wave there has also been an attempt to keep internet speeds very low. The greatest threat I face is the internet tower in my neighbours roof. If at all I come down with something it will be from this.

I have an adequate knowledge of homeopathy so I have kept all the probable medications at home. The current symptoms point to China, Eup Perf, Arsenic, Acid Phos, Bryonia, Rhus Tox, Aconite, Belladona, Carbo Veg, Antim Tart, Ipecac etc. I also have herbs like Giloy and Tulsi. It is not good to self medicate as you will not be able to judge the symptoms. Take the help of a homeopath and ayurved. If it is a telephone prescription please remember to pay his fees without fail.

The remedies Arsenic, Aconite, Bryonia and Belladona ought to be kept handy. They can abort any disease when the symptoms are right. Arsenic is great when any disease comes on with great restlessness and anxiety. Aconite if it comes on suddenly with great fear of death - you feel it is certain you will die. Belladona if it arrives with redness of face, fear and a bursting headache. Bryonia if it comes on with a frontal headache, increased thirst, and body ache - you feel like lying down all the time. Just a dose or two of the 200C potency is enough.

It is also important to maintain the alkalinity of the body. Take the proper herbs or homeopathic preparations if you suffer from acidity. Take herbs if you suffer pitta problems - your body is always hot, you cannot bear the sun, and you have skin problems. If you feel acidic you can take Natrum Carb 200C to help overcome. A single dose is often enough. You can also take a small pinch of edible soda in a glass of water but don't overdo it.

Obesity, smoking and other uses of tobacco, inactivity, and lack of exposure to sunlight are great threats. One needs to actively tackle these problems. If you are obese you can be sure you are full of toxins. The obese are also attracted to junk food as also those whose guts are not healthy. Do yoga and pranayama. Stop putting junk into your body. Stay away from cosmetics. Switch off wifi when not in use.

This crisis will severely test our destructive habits and lack of discipline. Remember God, pray, be humble, rectify your habits and overindulgence and fight it out. Nature is in a cleansing mode. It will weed out all that are sick and incapable of healing themselves. This crisis has its real origins from the cosmic energy levels. It is not to be taken lightly. Align with the greater powers and stay afloat.

Don't panic if symptoms arrive. They merely indicate the body is doing its job. The greater the severity of symptoms the sooner you heal. We have so many testimonials of people who are into naturopathy and have tackled this crisis, even very serious symptoms, by just taking rest, plenty of fluids, and by adequate sun bathing. Tribal populations do this for every fever. They just lie down and wait it out. They allow the body to do its job. Suppressing a fever, stopping elimination, and using the worst of toxins for treatment and prevention is something that quacks do.

And don't forget. Plant as many trees as you can. Prevent felling.

Dry ginger powder.

Dr Hitesh Jani, a reputed Ayurved of India, has successfully implemented this prevention strategy in many parts of India and recieved appreciation from the Government.

What he recommends;

Step 1: To be sniffed through Both Nostrils – Take a pinch of Dry Ginger Powder and sniff lightly through each nostril one by one. Do it in sitting or standing position. Do not lie down for a while. Do not eat or drink anything for atleast half an hour . Slight tingling or burning sensation is normal after doing this and it will subside slowly. Follow this practise once in morning and then in evening for about 7 days. One can repeat the process with a gap of few days for regular prevention till pandemic

Step 2: To be put on tongue – Take 1/4th teaspoon or 1 Gram of Dry Ginger Powder. Put it on the tip of your tongue and allow it to get mixed with saliva and gradually swallow it. Slight burning sensation is normal in the process. Do this twice a day, post lunch and dinner for about 7 days. Do not eat or drink anything for about half an hour . One can repeat the process with a gap of few days for regular prevention till pandemic


1. Pregnant Women should avoid this therapy

2. Children below 12 years should not do Nasya or Inhalation process as mentioned in step 1. They can be given ½ gram Dry ginger powder roasted with cow ghee.

3. People already suffering from any critical disease related to Pitta disorders must avoid

4. Persons with Highly Fluctuating Blood Pressure should also avoid.

He cites references from several ayurvedic texts and classifies the current situation as a "Madak" - a cleansing exercise of nature where all settlements are wiped out. This comes after every 200 to 250 years to eliminate adharma and restore dharma. It is the natural consequence of not following the laws of nature. The only recourse is to become healthy again, pray to the higher powers, conduct kirtans to cleanse the mind, and do home and community based yagnyas to purify the atmosphere.

Integrated Approach;


- Ars Alb 30 - 6 globules in the morning for 3 days. Repeat this every month

- Influenzinum 200C one dose. Do not take on the days you are taking Arsenic 30. Give a 10 days gap. This is only one dose. You need not repeat.

- Giloy or Tulsi ghan vati (or both) one tab twice a day

- Amla 500 mg twice a day

- Neem tablet twice daily

- Anu taila- put in nose before going out and in night before sleep

- Ashwagandha Vati - for tension and anxiety - one tab twice a day

- Morning exposure to sunlight or Vit D3

- Five Phos 6x four tabs twice a day

- Calcarea Phos 6x four tabs twice a day

- Take a Zinc supplement



- You can also take Andrographis Paniculata MT - 20 drops twice a day. This is almost equivalent of Ivermectin

- Steam inhalation at least once a day



- Switch off WiFi when not in use

- Try not to remain in A/c room

- Live in a well ventilated room

- Use sesame oil for massage before bath



- Take Neem syrup or Manjisthadyarishta for detoxification

- Take Triphala Churna in the wee morning hours (before 6am). Take minimum quantity at first and then increase to regular dose



- Restless, taking small sips of water, afraid of death - Arsenic 200

- Fever, headache, heavy head, body ache, lying down, dryness of mouth and throat, taking large amount of water - Bryonia 200

- Heaviness of head, feeling weak, moderate thirst - Gelsemium 200

- Intense body pain as if bones will break - Eup Perf 200

- Intense body pain, says he is all right, will not allow anyone to touch - Arnica 200

- Very sensitive to drafts of air, throat complaints - Hepar Sulph 200

- Bursting headache, face red - Belladonna 200

- Sudden onset of symptoms, extreme fear of death - Aconite 200

- Excessive weakness in chest - Stannum Met 200 

- Cough and cold - Ocimum + Justicia + Zingiber Q 20 drops in half cup of water 2 to 3 times a day depending on intensity

- Breathing problems - Aspidosperma Q 40 drops thrice a day

- Breathing problems - with gas, better under fan, body cold to touch - Carbo Veg 200

- Breathing problems - with vomiting tendency - Ipecac 200

- Breathing problems - with great restlessness and anxiety - Arsenic 200

- Breathing problems - with rattling cough in chest that will not come out - Antim Tart 200

- For all breathing problems - Aspidosperma Q 40 drops every 3 hours in an emergency

- Loss of taste and smell - don't be alarmed. After recovery you can take Pulsatilla 200

- For all fevers take Ferrum Phos 6x + Kali Mur 6x + Mag Phos 6x = 3+3+3 = 9 tabs 4 times a day

- During fever you can take Arogya Vati one tab twice a day. Continue with Giloy ghan vati

- If you face diarrhoea take ORS


Ayurvedic for breathing problem

- Swashari Vati or Syrup


For aborting;

- If the symptoms come on suddenly - Take Aconite 200

- If symptoms come on with bursting headache - Take Belladonna 200

- If the symptoms come on with anxiety and restlessness - Take Arsenic 200

Keep these remedies near you. They will help you abort the disease before it takes hold

- Take Aspidosperma Q 20 drops twice a day with Vanadium Met 30 before sleep to deal with Oxygen issues



- Do yoga and pranayama regularly

- Else take very deep breathes and keep within for some time. Do stretching exercises involving hands and chest. Hold hands before you as you stand upright. Take a deep breath as you stretch them out. Breathe in while you again bring them together. Do this whenever possible.

- Meditate and pray

- Practice the prone position so you get accustomed when you need it

- Remember the prone position works better if a fan is put near the head of the person



- Very light and simple food, ensure adequate nutrition. Avoid iron rich food.

- Liquid nourishing food when affected

- Citrus and hydrating fruit juices

- Take plenty of water



- Buy thermometer and Pulse Oximeter

- Buy steam inhaler



- You should continue with your usual BP and sugar medications

- Please keep yourselves hydrated. Don't ignore thirst

- Address constipation issues

- Don't overexpose to hot weather


What is Covid?

- It is about a toxic body reacting to an intensely toxic environment

- Don't be alarmed by symptoms, the body is trying to detoxify

- If you face serious oxygen deficiency immediately seek help

- The real problem is not allowing the elimination symptoms

- Don't take antiviral drugs on your own. They have not worked and are no longer recommended in mild and moderate cases

- Steroids work in very limited cases



For prevention and treatment please visit a doctor. The above is only indicative of how natural remedies can help. For diet refer to the diet of Biswaroop Roychowdhury.