Should we be satisfied with current efficacy data?

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Should we be satisfied with current efficacy data?

 1. Efficacy can be known only after one year. Trials can never predict efficacy. In case of the influenza v we see how they come to the market with claims of 94 to 98% efficacy but when data analysis happens after one year the average efficacy is around 17% which is equivalent to 0 as natural immunity is never taken into consideration

2. The data released by the Indian Govt is incorrect because they started collecting information after 3 months

3. They have changed the form of information collection but the new format is yet to be used by all. The data generation and analysis is also subject to manipulation. Already reports from UK and the statement of an Yale Professor indicates soon we will have a situation where subject to categories 60% to 70% of cases will be in those who have taken the v

4. The v against coronavirus failed to emerge after 16 years of effort because the trial animals subject to v died after being exposed to the disease. This is called pathogenic priming or disease enhancement. Once this starts showing up there will be chaos

5. The v manufacturers have received legal immunity as they have admitted that the v adverse effects will start showing themselves after 4 years and they don't want Court cases

6. Those subject to v will face an existential crisis in every influenza season and their deaths will be recorded as influenza deaths instead of v deaths

7. The v's have so far displayed more than 100 adverse effects all of which are much more severe than a bout of Covid

8. These are new v's with new technology and never before used ingredients. Nobody knows what will be the long term adverse effects

9. If you study the ingredients then autoimmune, inflammatory and immunotoxic effects are certain. The presence of FBS, embryonic kidney cells and GM ingredients point to serious long term harm

10. As very potent neurotoxins like aluminum hydroxide gel, squalene, nanoparticles etc have been used neurological damage is certain

11. The use of chimpanzee and human adenoviruses are frought with danger and they have led to severe unintended consequences in the past

12. V industry experts have pointed out that the v's will lead to virus mutations and will create super strains that will affect the populations

13. Once you enter the v arena there is no escape. Already there is talk of three doses now. And these v's will become annual affairs. Tremendous profit for the manufacturers and tremendous harm for the populations

14. India will very soon have mRNA v's that have their own share of dangers

15. Nobody is promising relief from disease. Already there are predictions about 16 more diseases that will emerge as epidemics. If you study the nature of those diseases they could easily be v adverse effects. A healthy society can result after nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and environmental clean up is ensured. We are simply adding to the problem and complicating matters with the needles

16. If you die from the v you will not be counted as a vaccine death and compensated as the WHO reporting protocol is designed not to link adverse effects with the vaccines. Thousands of deaths have occurred and being denied. The v is being protected, not the people

 V's do not prevent disease. They create serious chronic degenerative diseases that then become inputs for the industry to grow and profit by managing them.