C Crisis - Time to understand the causes and change course


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The first wave would not have happened if we had a health focused system instead of a disease focused one. Had we concentrated on health and all its aspects the points Dr R is making would have been clear to us all.

The world exists as one. Human beings are not separate from nature. All our inputs come from nature and all our outputs are used by nature. This is true for all elements and all life forms. The world has a cycle of its own and looks forward to life and longevity if it is left undisturbed. It abhors untimely death.

The laws of nature must be strictly followed if life forms wish to remain happy and healthy. It is like the Garden of Eden. God promises everything in abundance if man follows nature and does not assert his egoistic intelligence to triumph.

I believe the present crisis hinges on these aspects;

- Intense industrial and vehicular pollution that was already killing millions coupled with the bevy of toxins in food and household items that have become our daily use

- Our extensive dependence on high speed wireless technology. We were already submerged in radio waves and electricity

- Our progressively weaker and confused bodies as we ditched the natural laws of health and felt we could do better

- Our diet moved from a diverse nourishing basket to an unholy assembly of junk and processed food

- We forgot our own heritage of health that kept us healthy at all levels and made us understand the interconnectedness of things

- Our assault on nature - particularly forests and natural ecosystems - ensured that nature's own corrective system did not materialize. Nature instead was forced to become our enemy as Dr R is pointing out

- The steps we took; lockdowns, masks, use of sanitizers, social distancing are why we are having a second wave. Those who recommended these measures knew they needed a second wave. We are now witnessing bacterial infections aren't we?

- The same people have planned an extensive vaccination campaign with vaccines of their choice because they want this crisis to worsen so they can further their agenda

- In the entire episode we trusted the very people who have masterminded this crisis. Our collective intelligence has failed

The situation has been complicated with the smoke from the countrywide forest fires and the Caribbean volcanic eruptions reaching the country. We cannot ignore environmental triggers.

What steps could have been taken?

- We could have immediately attended to the general health of the population through genuine public health measures. We now know that obesity, inactivity, low Vit D levels and comorbidities are the drivers of this epidemic. It is unpardonable that we concentrated on killing a virus rather than trying to help people

- We made a tremendous mistake by not allowing the holistic healers to actively treat the population. Had we done that and noticed the success they achieved despite the strictures imposed on them some wisdom would have donned

- We should have done some smart thinking and seen through the haze that a virus alone was causing the crisis. Doctors worldwide are pointing this out and are being censored. The alternatives they have tried in their clinics have resulted in 100% success and 0 mortality because they have understood very clearly that toxicity is an inherent part of the problem and elimination is a good thing. They facilitated the elimination, kept their patients hydrated, and used common medications, vitamins and minerals to augment vitality and keep things in control. The Solidarity Protocol of the WHO is a disrupting protocol that they recognized very early on

- Our use of fever reducing medications, anti viral drugs, and steroids are complicating matters. Fevers should be respected as a healing force, anti viral drugs are anyway not working, and simple herbs like Neem, Turmeric, Giloy, and Tulsi could help lower the inflammatory and overactive immune system response

- We should have raised our voice against the deployment of a wireless technology that precipitated the crisis in Wuhan. We derided the whistleblowers as conspiracy theorists instead of trying to understand what they were saying buttressed with evidence

Now that all our attempts have failed, and all the drugs in the Solidarity Protocol have been exposed, the least we can do is to reverse our track and think in terms of the people and their welfare. If we cannot do that there will be the continuation of the present genocide and we will have blood in our hands.

It is time to come to our senses.

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