Be earnest in your prayer


It is very important that you be earnest in your prayer. Take up the mantra you have been given by your Guru in all earnest. Mentally remember and contemplate upon the divine image of the Deity that you are attracted to.

It is also important to beg forgiveness of nature on whom we have heaped so much of pain by our wanton destruction. We have been extremely cruel towards birds and animals and never had a thought about what they are going through. Let us pray for their welfare and repent for our deeds and action.

It is not any disease but our karma that is now standing before us. Nature will now use everything in her power to decimate us. It has waited for too long and given us enough scope to mend our ways.

Currently Lord Shiva is in his most destructive form. It is important to placate him. However mere words or prayers will not do. We also need action on the ground. Are we willing to work towards restoring nature and providing relief to her inhabitants? Now is not the time to despair or be angry. We need to be calm amidst adversities.

Our ancestors have faced great calamities with patience and taken life forward because they led pious and disciplined lives. They were strong in body and mind as a result.

In the name of science we accepted a system that promised us eternal life if we deviate from the wisdom of our ancestors and lead profligate lives. Today the results are evident and the very same system is full of predictions about how a bevy of diseases await to decimate us. Yet we trust its advocates and feel that they are out to save us. Let us snap out of that delusion and begin to take care of our health.

The solution provided by that misguided system is already creating havoc and there is no doubt that it will lead to destructive phases that will be immensely difficult to tackle. That product is currently the most powerful weapon that is seeking to destroy us.

It is important we keep our wits together and invoke divine blessings. We can change destiny if we change our ways. Let us not consciously hurl ourselves into the abyss.

Om Parambrahma Chakradhar.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Let thy will be done. It is my duty to surrender.