Why a second wave?


Why a second wave?

(February 21st, 2021)

A second wave is a part of the plan. There is no wave. A strain has been drummed up based on anecdotal evidence and there are 187 asymptomatic cases in India. What a joke! Planning to shut down a country based on 187 perfectly healthy people! There are 7569 mutations in India (of what don't ask me) and doctors say there is nothing to worry. But the system needs a second wave to achieve its goal and the scientific community that is now captured by Bill Gates as per his own admission, is bending over double. Therefore the RTPCR test is again being used to come up with "more cases". But why a second wave?

- Though the campaign to deliver the shots is in full swing, the reluctance of educated doctors in taking it is alarming. This is a global phenomenon. Globally the aware medical community is steering clear despite being pressurised

- The public has overcome fear to lead normal lives once again. They are not going to accept a shot when they feel there is no need to take it

- The virtual second wave is to revive the fear so that the uptake of the shot is ensured. A scared population can be manipulated

- Measures like masks, sanitizers, social distancing are extremely harmful but they will continue because they will make the public feel there is an epidemic. These props are being used for that purpose

There is more. A second shut down that is coming. What will it achieve?

- People herded in homes and desperate to emerge for their livelihoods will be offered a choice. Take the shot and get a certificate. That certificate will be your passport to life. What a wonderful way to achieve targets!

- The lockdown will further disrupt small and medium traders. They may even have to down shutters as they are yet to emerge from the first shut down. This will help the big fish as the public will turn to big malls and online giants. The rich will get even richer

- With disruption in business there will be huge unemployment. Those unemployed will be offered a basic income thus fulfilling an agenda that has been in the offing for a long time. The quantum of the basic income and its frequency will depend on a social score of compliance

- The continuous fear will continue, already a fictitious bird flu scare is emerging, and there will be the scope of further shutdowns to restrict a belligerent public

This is a global goal. The script is being followed everywhere.