What is industry expert Dr Vanden Bossche warning about?


As far as I have understood Dr Geert Vanden Bossche is conveying this alarming scenario.

- Natural infection is the best protection against all strains of c virus, including modified strains

- By global strong continued containment measures (lockdown, mask, sanitizers, social distancing) we are creating more infectious strains as the virus is being prevented to seek hosts and extinguish its term. The waiting period drives the mutations.

- Vaccination during a pandemic will lead to a situation where persons who still have natural short lived antibodies from an infection will create complexities as the innate immunity that establishes itself after elimination of antibodies will not be able to work, and this will enable the virus to strengthen itself further and seek other hosts

- By vaccinating elderly and sick populations we are also creating major strains as the innate immunity in this population is weak and this will lead to immune escape. This population will become a source of infection as they will shed more potent form of the virus which will then attack younger populations

- When the younger population is vaccinated they will develop long term vaccine induced antibodies against the specific strain and be wide open to the stronger mutations that will now seek them

- The virus mutation is now protein dependent but vaccination will make it mutate at the ring and Ace adaptors level which will lead to serious and unpredictable outcomes as we will create an entirely different threat. The ring based vaccines will be rendered totally useless

- The above process is much like providing the greatest opportunity to the virus to evolve in a global population petri dish for gain of function

- On top of this the vaccines will also lead to disease enhancement which is vaccinated populations will react violently when they encounter any strain of the virus

- Dr Bossche stresses that leaving a pandemic alone is the best option. Interference leads to prolonging the epidemic and increasing fatality

- He says it is highly unusual for any epidemic to last more than two years - and as the pandemic rolls the death rates fall. Thus he is casting aspersions on those expert comments that hint at a long term pandemic

- Indian experts too point out that the so called second wave is only leading to more cases but actually reducing mortality

Things look really bad when you contemplate all of this. Dr Greet is an authority on the subject having worked in senior research positions in the vaccine industry, the WHO and BMGF. He has written to the WHO and requested the vaccine campaign be stopped immediately.


Ohio vaccine conference. Presentation of Dr Vanden Bossche.